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Uncovering your personal divine plan can be life-affirming. Learn how to shed your past wounds and live each day in the flow of the Universe. Connect with your internal psychic guide to shift into a higher frequency.

Our world's current biological crisis presents us perceptually diverse and gifted beings with an unprecedented opportunity to activate and demonstrate our power to heal. We are watching with bated breath as our current paradigm is being turned on its... Continue reading

1. Make a list of your questions. Though you may think to yourself that you have a question, and you're ready to make the chat or call. During the opening of the energy in a read, other questions are already forming in your mind. The energy at the st... Continue reading

Bright Greetings,Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for subscribing, sharing, and liking. It is a joy to connect with each of you.As a psychic keen on helping you let's talk about feeling lost without a compass and not being sure whic... Continue reading

You've sought connections, self-help, books, seminars, classes, done research, talked with folks, the whole shebang. We know the basic concepts of achieving our goals and being the happiest people we can be. So.... why is it that when you try, that t... Continue reading

As I begin to write this, I have a lot going through my mind of what it is to be a gifted, sensitive human. Yes, being sensitive is a gift as it allows you to feel, see, and experience things on a higher frequency than let's say other people who are ... Continue reading

What triggers you is the key to finding out your soul purpose.Is it your fears and anxieties? Is it something that angers you, frustrates you, confuses you?Is it a sudden rush of excitement that pulls you in and pushes you away at the same time?Your ... Continue reading

Many factors play into our purpose and karmic lessons. The first thing to understand is that our soul purpose and our life purpose are two separate things that may be in alignment with each other, but don't have to be. We also have karmic lessons and... Continue reading

When we struggle to figure out our purpose in life, we sometimes end up going through a maze of self-doubt and worry. This struggle is meant to strengthen us, but it can also fill us with uncertainty and anxiety in our daily lives. Some people think ... Continue reading

Discovering your purpose in life is sometimes a lifetime process. We can go through a lot of education and think we have chosen the right career, meet the right partner to share our life with, and yet still, something is missing. Our life purpose and... Continue reading

If you seem to go to the beat of your own drum, you may be an Old Soul. Old Souls create their own lives as they see fit and don't care for what society expects from them. You might consider them what is known as an outlier. Old Souls have a unique p... Continue reading

Why are we here? Is there a Purpose in Life? Does the Universe send us messages?Many people search for their life purpose. What is the meaning of life? It is not your job, your home, your friends, or your family, no none of that. All this is the ambi... Continue reading

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