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We at MeetYourPsychic work in the energy of positive reinforcement. We are here to help you be the most you can be. Begin your day with reading these beautiful and thoughtful messages of love and caring for our fellow humans, our planet, and our faith.

Using affirmations on a daily basis for what we hope to draw into our lives is a powerful healing tool.  Like any other powerful transformational tool, using positive mantras takes dedication, listening, and practice.There are many types of affi... Continue reading

There is a strong need for self-care in today's world and maintaining a sense of clarity to get through the day, let alone the week. Practicing daily affirmations for your health and wellbeing is one way to prepare yourself for your day and help end ... Continue reading

If you're a Libra sign, you love to please others and are fond of harmony in your life. You can be a pleasure to work with even though you don't really care for any kind of job that holds you down for your freedom. With your family and relationships,... Continue reading

We use daily affirmations for a variety of reasons. The most important goal is to open ourselves up to receive from the Universe. But receive what? That perfect job? The perfect partner? A life of abundance? All this is possible and so much more. Peo... Continue reading

Right now, we all need to feel more at peace with life. Feelings of uncertainty and strife are everyday struggles for most these days, so it is vital to find a ritual or practice that helps calm and center you as you begin and end your day. Using aff... Continue reading

Affirmations are an essential tool in increasing your personal growth, maintaining balance and fulfilling your dreams and goals. Many psychics use affirmations in their spiritual routines and recommend them for their clients. When practiced regularly... Continue reading

Hi, I'm Psychic Lady, and I'd like to talk about one of my favorite subjects—affirmations. When we find ourselves in difficult times, it is easy to fall into a rut of negative thinking. "Will things ever get better?" "How will I make it through thi... Continue reading

You can use affirmations at any time in your life. Happy times as well as grieving times! Implementing affirmations into your daily routine is crucial because it sets the tone for the energy we all carry with us.We have to set a daily routine, whethe... Continue reading

Affirmations have been used for many years to help people with their personal growth. They are instrumental when used routinely as part of your self-care and spiritual development program. Many people have recovered from lifelong trauma, self-esteem ... Continue reading

Getting over a breakup or a significant loss is always challenging. Often, we will spin ourselves in circles, wondering what we did wrong or what is wrong with us. Chances are it was not to be, but that is not something we acknowledge readily. Healin... Continue reading

We are in an unprecedented time where we are dealing with a crisis on a global level. This crisis is part of our world transformation for our evolution. It is both painful and unavoidable. Our world is going through a gigantic shift on a multitude of... Continue reading

Sometimes on Valentines day, when this day is supposed to be filled with joy and laughter and in the arms of a partner, we find ourselves single and alone. This does not mean however, that we should be sad or dwell on past lovers or to be wishing tha... Continue reading

In these times, in which so many people worried about the health and safety of themselves, families, and loved ones, it is helpful to use positive affirmations and turn away from so much constant negative information on the news and social media. It ... Continue reading

Blessings! One of the things that I find myself working with on a VERY regular basis is affirmations. These are the bread and butter of my life, spiritual and physical. I use them for all occasions and situations. The affirmations that I use have got... Continue reading

Spells are the same action and creation as affirmations. The difference is how the power is owned. Whereas a spell often seeks to override another person's free will, an affirmation recognizes that we each possess our strength. There are some concret... Continue reading

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