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We at MeetYourPsychic work in the energy of positive reinforcement. We are here to help you be the most you can be. Begin your day with reading these beautiful and thoughtful messages of love and caring for our fellow humans, our planet, and our faith.

Is your zodiac sign Leo? Do you feel the need to be reminded of your excellent qualities? Is maintaining peace of mind a priority for you, especially among your surroundings? We have affirmations that have specifically been created for you in mind!A ... Continue reading

If you're a Scorpio sign, you live to search for the unknown, the complicated, the creative mysteries of life, and are passionate about it. Your dedication can lead you to self-destructive tendencies, so you need to be reminded to let go of any griev... Continue reading

Getting sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing, but getting adequate sleep has proven to be problematic during these trying times.Do you find yourself tossing and turning? Are your legs restless? Is your brain going off in wild directions and re... Continue reading

If you're an Aquarius, chances are you are very forward-thinking and an absolute joy to be around. When you enter a room, everyone knows they will be included in the conversation. You're naturally kind and can be thick-skinned. This causes you someti... Continue reading

When we use affirmations to bring more of what we want into our life and let go of what we don't, we begin the journey of our soul purpose.Affirmations increase our connection to our higher selves and help us in our healing. Not everyone reacts to th... Continue reading

If you're a Capricorn, chances are you are very determined to accomplish your goals. Because of this, you are often successful but may lack balance in your personal life if you are not careful. Your challenge is to be open to change and let go of con... Continue reading

We all want to manifest a better year, right?2021 brings with it new hope, and with that brings new opportunities and renewed energy.Take time to really think you want for this year and how you'd like it to unfold for you. There are some things out o... Continue reading

The Svadhisthana Chakra is the energy point in our body that governs the relationship with ourselves and those around us. Swa translated from Sanskrit means one's own, and adhisthana means seat. So the Sacral Chakra, as known in the West, is the poin... Continue reading

The Sacral Chakra is our creative and sexual fountain. Today, we will be clearing out stagnant energy and opening up this Chakra so that you may welcome healing and joy into your life.First, you will release energy that is racing through your body so... Continue reading

If you're a Sagittarius, chances are you are idealistic, independent, and forever searching for the philosophical meaning of life. Your fierce independence can push others away from having fulfilling relationships, so one of your life struggles will ... Continue reading

The Root Chakra is our foundation. Today, we will be clearing out stagnant energy and opening up this Chakra so that you may create healing and stability in your life.First, you will release energy that is racing through your body so that you may be ... Continue reading

The Muladhara Chakra is the energy point in your body that governs your foundation. Mula means root, and Adhara, translated from Sanskrit, means support or base. If you are building a house, you first pour a solid foundation. If you desire to heal fr... Continue reading

We all know the power of affirmations, but did you know lofty questions can be a game-changer too?Lofty questions are an excellent way of speaking to your subconscious mind in a gentle and loving way. Using affirmations can sometimes come with a bloc... Continue reading

Using affirmations on a daily basis for what we hope to draw into our lives is a powerful healing tool.  Like any other powerful transformational tool, using positive mantras takes dedication, listening, and practice.There are many types of affi... Continue reading

There is a strong need for self-care in today's world and maintaining a sense of clarity to get through the day, let alone the week. Practicing daily affirmations for your health and wellbeing is one way to prepare yourself for your day and help end ... Continue reading

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