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We at MeetYourPsychic work in the energy of positive reinforcement. We are here to help you be the most you can be. Begin your day with reading these beautiful and thoughtful messages of love and caring for our fellow humans, our planet, and our faith.

There are many reasons why having rose quartz in your crystal collection can be highly beneficial. Known primarily as a crystal for love, rose quartz vibrates with the same frequency as unconditional love. This frequency can help resolve any feelings... Continue reading

It is not easy to come back from home from service overseas and contend with physical disabilities or trauma. Any soldier will tell you that these issues make it difficult to reintegrate into your life. The truth is that when you come back home, you ... Continue reading

There are many I am affirmations for money that you can use to attract abundance. Affirmations to manifest money come in various structures. They need to be backed up with a specific vision and action plan in mind to make those ​​positive affirma... Continue reading

If you're a Virgo, chances are you are very detail-oriented and possibly a bit of a perfectionist. You're analytical, both a pro and a con, because sometimes you may overthink things. That's okay! No one is perfect, even if we try and give it our bes... Continue reading

If you're a Gemini, chances are you are terrific at starting your projects. You enjoy the simplicity of freedom and going with your desires. Versatility is one of your best strengths, so it makes you fantastic at multitasking.When Gemini uses affirma... Continue reading

If you're a Taurus, chances are you are dependable and love to create a life centered around financial stability and family. When Taurus uses affirmations, they should focus on releasing any blockages they have as they can be stubborn as a bull. Work... Continue reading

Affirmations help us release negative thoughts and reprogram our minds. When we use them daily, we also release any negative energy within our bodies attached to these ideas over a while. One of the most healing methods we can use on our own, affirma... Continue reading

If you're an Aries, chances are you are a natural-born leader. You are drawn to guide others and show them the way, especially with business endeavors. When Aries use affirmations, they should make sure to create a balance of their strengths and weak... Continue reading

There are many benefits to keeping an affirmation journal for your soul growth. Affirmations are at the heart of our transformation. They help us come into alignment with our life purpose and goals. They also help us heal old wounds and release negat... Continue reading

If you're a Pisces, chances are you are a very deep-thinker. Your intuitive nature is what keeps you fluid in your soul journey. Giving is natural to you, and you are empathic to a fault. When it comes to judgment, you hold back from a position of un... Continue reading

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the energy point that governs your relationship with yourself and the world around you. Today we will be clearing out residual energy from past wounds and opening our third chakra up to receive healing. Let's move our body ... Continue reading

The Manipura Chakra is the energy point in your body that governs self-identity, the external personality, the ego, and personal choice, freedom, and authenticity. In conjunction with your third eye, your intuitive messages originate here. Manipura, ... Continue reading

Are you ready to meet your soulmate?We actually have more than one soulmate in our life path, and not all of our soulmates will be a romantic partner. Some may be a mentor or a friend, but all will help us grow and evolve. More often than not, we are... Continue reading

When you are trying to bring together a family that has broken apart, all members must be willing to heal the divide.Getting to this point is no easy task, but you can use group affirmations as a way to unite and mend the foundation that has been bro... Continue reading

Is your zodiac sign Leo? Do you feel the need to be reminded of your excellent qualities? Is maintaining peace of mind a priority for you, especially among your surroundings? We have affirmations that have specifically been created for you in mind!A ... Continue reading

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