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We at MeetYourPsychic work in the energy of positive reinforcement. We are here to help you be the most you can be. Begin your day with reading these beautiful and thoughtful messages of love and caring for our fellow humans, our planet, and our faith.

Self-hypnosis is the practice of hypnotizing yourself to create subconscious changes. It puts you in control of your mental health and well-being and can be very illuminating. It is a great habit to develop if one of your goals is to become more self... Continue reading

When you are recovering from past trauma or recent trauma, you will go through a lot of emotional ups and downs and setbacks. It is important to honor whatever you are feeling and allow yourself time and patience. Working through anything painful wil... Continue reading

It's essential to be open when it comes to finding out what your purpose is in this life. Allow the affirmations to resonate with you like the structure of them is purposely arranged to open up the narrative of what your purpose is within you. After ... Continue reading

With grief, it is helpful to integrate your affirmations with a creative project so that you can process the experience. It helps you pass the time with your emotions in a way that makes you feel productive while still allowing yourself to grieve. So... Continue reading

When you have specific goals in mind you'd like to achieve, it is always a good idea to have an action plan and a vision board so you can do visualization exercises. The power of visualization is intense and will enable the Law of Attraction to be ac... Continue reading

They can connect to your higher self. Sometimes we think we are connected to our higher self when we are actually listening to our ego. Our ego can be powerful and protect us from change. A psychic can connect to your higher self and will speak with ... Continue reading

Figure out what negative thoughts you have that you want to reverse.The first step before sitting down to write your affirmations is to figure out what negative thought patterns and behaviors you want to work on releasing. This may seem like a light ... Continue reading

Anyone who has ever attempted change in their life can attest it is no easy feat. We have all heard, throughout our lives-'Change your thinking, change your life.' What is it about change that is so difficult for human beings to grasp? Is it the cons... Continue reading

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