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Sacral Chakra Meditation

The Sacral Chakra is our creative and sexual fountain. Today, we will be clearing out stagnant energy and opening up this Chakra so that you may welcome healing and joy into your life.

First, you will release energy that is racing through your body so that you may be in a real receptive state.

Jump around, shake your head, open and close your hands, swing your hips, shake your shoulders, shake your legs, move any part of your body that feels tight or constrained. Let's spend one more moment on our hips, as this is where Sacral Chakra energy is held.

Now sit or lie in a comfortable position.

While breathing through your nose, count to seven.

Now hold for a count of seven.

For a count of seven, release all the air through your mouth.

As you now move to nasal breathing, pay attention to your body. If you feel tension or resistance begin to show up, focus on that area of the body, and mentally direct the breath to open energy flow. If you still feel the block, return to the "in through your nose, hold, and out through your mouth" breathing for as many breath cycles as needed. Always use a count of seven for this exercise.

Notice an orange light of energy flowing down through the top of your head. As you feel this orange energy wash over your head, you begin to notice a relaxing feeling beginning to run down your forehead. Breathe in and think that you are loose and limp, safe, and secure. Allow the orange energy to run down your neck, shoulders, and down the length of your arms, hands, and fingers.

With each breath, you feel this orange light removing any tension in your back and chest. With each orange breath, your lungs expand, and your entire upper body feels spacious and in harmony.

As this orange energy moves to your lower body, deeper breaths come easier. Feel the dark and unwanted energy in your stomach, hips, and groin area begin to loosen and shift. With each breath, you feel more relaxed. Safe and secure, loose, and limp. With each breath, you can feel past wounds letting go of their grip over your spirit. With the next breath, you can feel the orange energy relaxing your thighs, knees, calves, and running out over your feet and toes. Trust that you are releasing energy that is no longer serving your highest good.

In through your nose, count for seven.

Hold for a full count of seven.

Now for seven seconds, release through your mouth.

If tension, anxiety, or judgment begin to show up, focus on this area in the body, and direct the breath there. Allow the breath to slowly untie any energetic ropes that are holding you back from your truth.

Breathe in and out of your nose to a count of seven.

With your eyes closed, allow your mind to expand and notice a fluffy rain cloud far off in the distance. With each breath, the rain cloud floats a little closer to you. With each breath, feel the eager anticipation begin to build in your body. Know that healing and rejuvenation are on their way. Deeply breathe in, hold, and release all of your air.

With each breath, your Spirit reminds you that the Universe is protecting you. You relax, knowing that you are safe and secure. You lean into this healing, trusting the process of the Universe.

In your mind's eye, you look up and notice the fluffy cloud above your head. As it begins to drop warm and cool drops of orange rain, you begin to feel these drops on your skin. With each breath, you can smell the sweetness of this rain, as if it is fresh, squeezed orange juice. The coolness of the drops begins to soothe and relax your Sacral Chakra, as the warmth begins to awaken your second Chakra. See the orange energy, feel it, taste it, and breathe it in. Each orange drop of rain opens up your Sacral Chakra and enables you to let go of any dark and unwanted energy from past wounds.

With each moment of release, you can feel your spirit disconnecting from past wounds (both from this and past lifetimes). Karmic ties are broken, and you are set free from societal judgments. Your inner child begins to jump around, and your inner Goddess / God starts to dance with joy.

With your left hand (receptive) palm up in order to receive the incoming energy and your right hand (giver) three fingers below your belly button, you begin to feel a flow of bright orange energy.

Claim these affirmations out loud from the Universe. If resistance occurs, simply decide to surrender and allow. This is a space of non-judgment. Be here. Be whole. Be now. Your Sacral Chakra is ready to reprogram.

In the past, I have judged my creativity and labeled it as lacking. This taught me to be confined.

In the past, I have suppressed my true sexual nature, labeling it as bad. This created self-doubt and self-judgment.

In the past, I have held back from communicating my sexual needs and desires. This taught me that I was not deserving.

In the past, I have suppressed my creative and sexual attractions. This has taught me that the Divine Feminine is not valuable.

In the past, I have silenced my inner child. This has taught me that my inner child no longer has value.

Today I reclaim my Sacral Chakra energy!

I am a creative being. I express myself freely, without labels, restrictions, or expectations.

I fully own and accept my sexual identity and sexual orientation. My sexual energy is not bad or good. It simply is. I am empowered, and I encourage others to accept their sexual power.

I feel and express my totality. I welcome the balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine into my Spirit. I am whole.

I create opportunities for my inner child to come out and play. I recognize my inner child's value and allow my playtime to be judgment-free.

As you breathe in and out, you feel yourself releasing all the dark and unwanted energy from your Sacral Chakra. As this positive energy fills your body, you can feel yourself shift into a new frequency. You accept your wholeness. You are a creative and healthy sexual being. Your inner child dances and plays with you on a daily basis. You are worthy. You feel a growing sense of self-trust. You know that you will begin to honor yourself with self-affirming choices.

Take a deep breath and wiggle your fingers and toes. Stretch your neck. Shrug your shoulders. When you feel ready, stand and move your hips from left to right, front to back.

Breathe in the healing that has shifted your Sacral Chakra. Remember that you are precious and cared for. Feel the balance of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Accept your wholeness and celebrate your creativity.


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