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Affirmations and Tools For Better Sleep

Getting sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing, but getting adequate sleep has proven to be problematic during these trying times.

Do you find yourself tossing and turning? Are your legs restless? Is your brain going off in wild directions and rethinking past events? Using tools to aid your sleep can be useful though it's essential to focus on natural solutions rather than artificial ones.

There are several ways you can improve your ability to get the right amount of sleep per night. Receiving an adequate amount of melatonin and Vitamin D can play a crucial role in the quality of rest you get. You can make time to get more sunlight into your daily routine or use supplements if needed. Do your research and use your intuition to help you to decide what is best.

Chamomile tea can help soothe you before bedtime, as well as drinking adequate amounts of water. Believe it or not, not drinking enough water throughout your day can affect your ability to go to sleep.

Exercise is another factor that affects your body's ability to rest. You may find that a brisk walk 30 minutes after you eat can help you later when you get ready for bed. Consider making small adjustments in your routine to help you get the sleep you require.

Another tool you can use is an oil diffuser with essential oils. For sleep, lavender oil is best. You can also use chamomile oil. If waking up at night or snoring is an issue, marjoram essential oil is recommended.

Below is a list of affirmations meant to help you relax and unwind before going to sleep at night or when you take a nap during the day. Add or subtract what works for you and what doesn't. Read them aloud slowly while lying down or relaxing in an upright position.

When using these, you may either focus on your breathing or the beat of your heart. (For the inhale lines, you may remove the phrases "I inhale" and "and release" to "releases" if you intend to focus on your heartbeat).

I feel a wave of serenity wash over me.

I inhale a sense of calm and release any tension throughout my body.

I inhale a sense of calm and release any tension throughout my mind.

I inhale a sense of calm and release any tension throughout my spirit.

I allow myself to let go and relax.

I relax easily.

My muscles are soft and gently release any tension.

My body eases and drifts into a restful sleep when I need it.

I am loved and supported.

The Universe provides for me.

I feel encouraged.

I feel a wave of serenity wash over me.

Try this set of affirmations and include a 2-5 minute progressive muscle relaxation exercise either before or after you recite your affirmations for sleep. It will amplify the effect and allow you to fall asleep more soundly. If your mind is racing, you may want to find a guided meditation to distract and help you focus your way into dreamtime. 

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