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33 Affirmations Real Psychics Recommend for Sagittarius

If you're a Sagittarius, chances are you are idealistic, independent, and forever searching for the philosophical meaning of life. Your fierce independence can push others away from having fulfilling relationships, so one of your life struggles will be learning how to balance your personality within your personal relationships with others.

One of your other weaknesses is your impulsivity and inclination towards jealousy. This often complicates relationships and your ability to do well in your chosen career path. Once you reach a level of understanding of how your traits affect you in both positive and negative ways, you can learn techniques and strategies to help you cope. Learning to meditate, slowing down, taking time to think things through will help you reach your full potential.

Take the time each day to start with a short meditation filled with affirmations that focus on making you well-rounded. Ground yourself with clear quartz and let it help clear your mind with any confusion and negativity you are holding on to from day-to-day. Make a note of your triggers to work through and release and set aside personal journaling and growth time. Doing this will help center you in your journey no matter where you are heading.

We have included a list of positive affirmations below that are channeled specifically for Sagittarius.

Every day I practice patience.

I see the benefits of waiting for divine timing in all experiences.

I flow with the Universe.

I am kind.

I embrace my free spirit.

I let go of my judgments and perceptions.

I forgive easily and often.

I embrace change and encourage others to do the same.

I enjoy being creative.

I respect other peoples' boundaries.

I allow myself to be patient.

I appreciate the lessons patience teaches me.

I am willing and able to learn new ideas, concepts, and ways of doing things.

Every day I learn a lot from others and our interactions.

Every day I reflect on my interactions with others.

I see the world more clearly on a daily basis.

My sense of humor lifts others.

I appreciate my ability to be straightforward.

I think before I speak.

I am mindful.

I am mindful of others.

I take time to pause and reflect.

I am loving.

I delight the world with my versatile nature.

I go with the flow and understand my role in life.

I appreciate my friends and family and show them appreciation.

I am open to feedback.

I am receptive to feedback from others.

I listen to the guidance of the Universe.

Every day I am willing to receive what is needed from me.

Every day I grow with wisdom and insights that help others.

Today and every day, I take time to gather my thoughts before taking action.

Everything in divine timing.

When reading or speaking your affirmations, make sure you are reflective and present at the moment. Journaling afterward will help solidify your process and make you aware of areas you need to work on and how to practice patience with yourself. Remember that patience is all about learning to be respectful with yourself and the boundaries of others. 

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