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33 Affirmations Real Psychics Recommend for Scorpios

If you're a Scorpio sign, you live to search for the unknown, the complicated, the creative mysteries of life, and are passionate about it. Your dedication can lead you to self-destructive tendencies, so you need to be reminded to let go of any grievances you may have towards others, including yourself.

Scorpios are complex, idealistic, and rich with imagination. They yearn for more profound meaning and appreciate anyone who may go with them along on this journey.

Because of their polarity that pulls them in many directions, Scorpios need to have daily affirmations to balance the storms of emotions and psychic intuitiveness inside themselves and from external forces. Shielding is just as crucial as grounding for Scorpios have a destructive side that will take others down with them.

Creative expression is also vital to calm the waters within this fiery water sign. Take your list of daily affirmations, Scorpio, and be creative with how you express them. Paint signs around the house, add them into songs you sing to yourself, write them on pieces of paper and hide them around your home to forget about them so you can find them when needed. Use your intuition to set you up for success.

Here are 33 affirmations that you may reword or use as they like. They are placed in a specific order to maximize their effectiveness, but feel free to be creative and rearrange them as needed for your individualized experience:

I am grounded.

I feel my body flow with ease and grace.

I submit to the Universe and the great unknown.

I ask for guidance and listen deeply.

I step back and see experiences from a deeper perspective.

The Universe feels me with awe and wonder.

I give thanks for all of my experiences.

I appreciate the beauty of life.

Abundance is a vital part of my mindset.

I remind myself to count my blessings.

I let go and forgive every day.

Forgiveness is a sign of love and wisdom.

I am wise and loving.

I allow love into my life and give love in return.

My curiosity helps guide me.

I release all that no longer serves me.

I am open to receiving new information and ideas.

Creative expression is at the heart of my being.

I allow my generosity to fill me with a sense of completion.

I appreciate my complexities and passions.

Every day I practice self-care.

I reach out for help when needed.

I allow others who help me grow and raise my vibration to come into my life.

I seek others who I can help grow and raise their vibration to come into my life.

My Spirit Guides and Angel Guides help me evolve with love and patience.

I practice gratitude daily.

I shield myself when needed.

I open myself up to new challenges.

The Universe is filled with opportunities.

Every day I grow and learn.

I am lovable.

Every day I become more vulnerable and open to others.

The mystery of life fills me with passion and inspiration.

Read quietly or out loud to yourself. Rewrite any that don't work for you, but make sure to use your positive daily affirmations to help ground and center yourself. Over a period of ninety days, you will feel more in sync with your life path and passions if you keep consistent with this practice.

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