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11 Ways To Increase The Power of Your Affirmations

When we use affirmations to bring more of what we want into our life and let go of what we don't, we begin the journey of our soul purpose.

Affirmations increase our connection to our higher selves and help us in our healing. Not everyone reacts to the daily use of positive affirmations, in the same way, so sometimes you may need to add more life coaching and intuitive practices to up your game and manifest with more success.

One key piece of advice regarding affirmations is to select them in pairs, so you have one that helps you directly with what you want and then another one that enables you to release anything holding you back from achieving it. Look at it as having two sides of the same coin of abundance. It would help if you addressed both sides of it to bring it into reality.

Here are 11 tips to help you manifest successfully 

Use in the morning and at night 

However you choose to use your affirmations, set the intention of using them right when you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed. This way, you are actively programming your subconscious mind to help you create the changes you wish to come to light.

Write them out every day 

When we use a pen to paper, the physical act of writing them out can be very therapeutic as well as motivational. It helps us to solidify what we are hoping to affirm. Take deep breaths, tune into your heart chakra, and write slowly. Make the practice mindful and enjoyable.

Say them out loud 

Just as useful as writing them is vocalizing them. This practice is excellent for the throat chakra, for it helps you communicate to your physical body just as much as your spiritual self. Repeating them more than one time, almost like a mantra, can also serve as a powerful way to amplify your intentions.

Review with a vision board 

If you have created a vision board to help you manifest your affirmations, take time every day to look at your board and review it. Does it need anything added or subtracted? Sometimes as we reach our goals, we need to reflect and adjust. This process can help you tune into what is working with your strategy and what isn't.

Align a crystal grid 

Crystals can be powerful amplifiers when it comes to using them with affirmations. Create one that is specific to your emotional intent or areas where you are blocked. For example, if you are trying to manifest more love into your life, focus on crystals like amethyst and clear quartz to help you receive love and clear out negative energy. You can even add a tarot card into the mix that symbolizes the affirmations or intended outcome.

Create art that embodies it 

Sometimes when we get physical with creating art, it can help us with our affirmations. Try working with clay, something that requires you to make something with your hands. You will find that if you use your affirmation to inspire you into creating something, it will help you constructively relieve any negative feelings while also helping you bring positive energy into physical form.

Keep an affirmations journal 

An affirmations journal is different than a gratitude journal in that it doesn't just include your affirmations, but all your thoughts and feelings regarding your daily process with them. Awareness is vital in removing negative beliefs. When we write down how we feel about our goals and desires, we can become more self-aware as to what we really want. Sometimes the affirmations we begin with are just a stepping stone, and an affirmation journal can help you understand that part of personal growth.

Meditate on them 

Take time to meditate on your affirmations. It doesn't have to be every day or take over your entire process. You can set aside once a week for this task and see where it leads you. Many times meditating on your affirmations can lead to epiphanies, but it's best not to push it and allow that process to work through you rather than force some kind of enlightenment that isn't ready to bubble to the surface yet. 

Use self-hypnosis 

Self-hypnosis is a great way to practice your affirmations. Induce a short 1-2 minute session and say your affirmations out loud. Vocalization during self-hypnosis is vital as it helps to reprogram your subconscious mind and will definitely help you achieve results.

Practice daily gratitude 

Having a daily gratitude practice will help in all areas of your life and not just with manifestation. In using them with your list of positive affirmations, you will want to focus on at least one of the affirmations and give appreciation as to its impact on your life.

Complete any needed shadow work 

If you find during your meditations or during your review process that obstacles block you from releasing and manifesting, you will need to address this by doing inner work. Shadow work can often feel heavy, but we all need to address these issues if we want to be fully happy and prosperous in our lives and relationships. In fact, doing shadow work can be the most crucial factor in using your affirmations.

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