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33 Affirmations To Manifest Your Soulmate

Are you ready to meet your soulmate?

We actually have more than one soulmate in our life path, and not all of our soulmates will be a romantic partner. Some may be a mentor or a friend, but all will help us grow and evolve. More often than not, we are focused on the soulmate who is our romantic partner that brings love and light into our lives.

A true romantic soulmate is someone with who you experience unconditional love over the lifetime of the relationship. Sometimes this connection is immediate and precious and has developed over a series of past lives. Other times it takes work and faith to build this cherished connection.

The best path to meeting your soulmate is to do your own inner healing first before seeking your ideal relationship. Once you've done the work, it will make meeting your soulmate much more manageable, and you will have less tension in the relationship.

Affirmations are an excellent way to work on yourself and help yourself tune into the vibration of the relationship you're searching for. When manifesting a soulmate, you will also want to create a vision board to help you clarify what you are seeking. Focus more on traits and attributes rather than physical appearance.

If you want to amplify the effect, recite your affirmations before deep meditation practice. Within meditation, you can focus your attention on tuning in to the best vibration for attracting your soulmate. This will help connect both of your higher selves to help bring you together in real life.

You may also want to look into getting some crystals or setting up a crystal grid to assist in your manifestation. Keeping it in an area of focus in your home, such as the family room or the bedroom, where your thoughts are at rest and your mind is at peace.

Here is a channeled list of positive affirmations to help manifest your soulmate:

I am worthy.

I am ready to receive and give love in return.

I let go of all that no longer serves me.

I give love and gratitude to those who have shaped me in the past.

I am my authentic self.

Love radiates within me.

I flow with the Universe, and the Universe flows within me.

I am open to new experiences and new people.

I am open to receive love and to give love.

I allow destiny to take its course.

I believe in Divine Timing.

I am open to the possibility of the manifestation of my soulmate in my life.

I am grounded and centered.

I allow my life to evolve naturally and holistically.

I take action every day to manifest loving energy around me and within me.

I cherish the beauty and wonder in my life.

Every day I express gratitude for the wonders of the Universe.

The Universe provides me with love and support.

My guides support me in my journey to find my true soulmate.

I see and feel my worthiness.

I am open to transformation.

I begin to sense the possibilities.

I speak with my higher self and ask for guidance.

I approach each day with renewed loving energy.

I feel the love flowing towards me.

I allow myself to receive information regarding my soulmate.

I am open to new opportunities.

I feel myself being drawn to my soulmate.

I ask to receive love with an open heart and open mind.

I radiate positive energy.

I am loving and ready to be loved.

I give thanks for Divine Timing.

I accept. 

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