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33 Affirmations Real Psychics Recommend for Leos

Is your zodiac sign Leo? Do you feel the need to be reminded of your excellent qualities? Is maintaining peace of mind a priority for you, especially among your surroundings? We have affirmations that have specifically been created for you in mind!

A daily meditation, especially in the morning, is a great way to ground yourself and set the tone alongside a practice of affirmations. Feel free to recite them while you meditate or focus on one specific that speaks to you as you begin. Sometimes it is best to focus our energies on one affirmation at the beginning of our day to place us in the right mindset to accomplish our goals.

Because Leos take life hard when things don't turn out your way, having a solid sense of gratitude as your foundation will help you weather any storms that come your way. While you meditate on your affirmations, we recommend holding an Onyx stone or having one nearby to help you release negative energy. Keeping it in your palm while you meditate will help you transmute any negative feelings or thoughts that distract your peace of mind and not allow you to move forward in your life. Focus on your natural optimism and open-hearted nature, as this will enable you to open your mind and expand your thoughts.

We're created 33 of them in a specific order channeled to us, but if you feel the need to add or subtract or modify to suit your particular needs or current situation, please feel free to do so.

I relax and open my mind and let go.

The Universe flows through me.

My forgiving nature humbles me.

I exude vitality.

The Universe determines the level of abundance.

I tune into the Universe with an open heart.

I am open-hearted.

I manage my expenses wisely.

My courage is rooted deep within.

People appreciate my ability to lead and entertain.

I am centered in strength and bravery.

My determination results in success.

Success is a mindset I am open to learning more about every day.

Every day I allow myself to feel contentment with what I have.

Every day I allow myself to feel contentment with what others give.

Abundance surrounds me, and I appreciate any form it takes.

My ambition soars with the Sun, who rules me.

I am optimistic about my perseverance of physical, mental, and emotional resilience.

I am vibrant in my leadership.

My exuberance is at full capacity.

I am proactive in love and kindness.

I encourage others' success.

My natural animal magnetism draws in fun and active counterparts.

My stability provides a grounding quality in my relationships.

I move forward with positive intentions.

I am mindful when speaking and connecting to others.

I connect to the divine through my expressions of love.

I let go of anger through meditation.

The Universe guides me to raise my vibration.

I allow myself to appreciate my alignment in the Universe.

I give love and receive love in return.

The world is precious, as is everyone in it.

I am lovable.

Many psychic readers will tell you the importance of grounding throughout your day. Often we can get caught up in our thoughts and desires. Leos tend to be grounded but can get caught up in their negative emotions. They are especially prone to tiny irritations. It is essential to remind yourself daily that we are all on our journey and not to hold others' harsh judgment and ourselves.

For a Leo, it is crucial to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses and do your best to balance yourself. Creating balance in your personality and personal life will give you the foundation to build any life your desire. Manifesting is easy for the Leo when they are in alignment with who they are.

Affirmations can help you manifest as well as ground you. Keep in mind that you need to practice affirmations daily for at least 90 days continuously for them to be effective. If you feel a great sense of resistance towards an affirmation, it is most likely a critical weakness that you need to address and overcome. Speak with a real psychic, a psychic keen on tuning into your life path, and offer you the guidance that you need. They can see what is blocking your way and provide you with insights on what you may avoid or not release. All is for learning.

If you desire to manifest something specific in your life, we recommend creating a vision board and placing it somewhere of importance for you. Make sure to include affirmations on your vision board that will help you manifest your dreams and build the life you want into reality. Because Leo's are born leaders and achieve what they desire, a vision board enables you to focus and receive faster results. If you have any questions or want a psychic to help you create your vision board, reach out to us for a psychic reading online today. You've got this, Leo! 

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