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Humanity’s main soul lesson is to learn how to love thyself and love others. Uncover the difference between true love, egoic attraction, psychic vampires, soulmates, and twin flames. Learn how to manifest healthy relationships by loving yourself first.

Being romantic isn't just about buying flowers and chocolate. Romance is about being mindful of the other person's needs and desires and doing your best to accommodate them. It takes commitment, great listening & observational skills, and a bit o... Continue reading

There is often a lot of talk about soulmate relationships and twin flames, but not much about karmic relationships. Most people will have a karmic connection with a romantic partner before being with their soulmate. Karmic relationships are essential... Continue reading

Have you ever met someone whom you felt completely comfortable with and felt a deep love for them, but without any romantic overtones? A relationship with a deep commitment to one another that feels like home to one another without the need for sexua... Continue reading

Bright Greetings, Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing. It is a joy to connect with each of you. If you would like to book a psychic reading, I can be reached at extension #1093. I WANTED TO SHARE WI... Continue reading

Bright Greetings, Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing! It is a joy to connect with you. Please ask for extension #1093 to book a reading with me, and let's discover what Spirit has to share with you... Continue reading

Gender and sexuality are a spectrum that can change throughout our lives. There are 52 gender identities as determined by science, and some may see themselves outside of gender or between genders, which is equally valid. Those who find themselves bet... Continue reading

Are you looking for something to add spice to your love life and sexual life? Crystals and stones of various kinds are known to help alleviate our capacity for love. They can also work with our sexual energy by charging our sexual centers and releasi... Continue reading

In romantic relationships, we tend to yearn for that perfect soulmate who completes us. However, a genuine soulmate will help you bring balance and harmony to your life. Unlike twin flame energy, soulmates tend to naturally raise each other's vibrati... Continue reading

Your internal compass within yourself allows you to connect with the right people who will uplift you, encourage you even bring JOY. But? what about that deep burning, passionate love? You know, that kind of "can't breathe without you" type of love?Y... Continue reading

"An intense feeling of deep affection." That is the definition of love, according to an online dictionary source. However, there are various concepts of definitions when it comes to the word love. There are many displays of love that partake in drama... Continue reading

Relationship cords are a connection between two people. This connection can be very intense. As a matter of fact, maybe one of the most potent forces that two people have connecting them to each that is not blood-related. When two people meet, their ... Continue reading

During the many years that I have been doing readings for folks, primarily women, I have recognized that a few things are missing in most relationships. When I explain to my clients how there are three major components to a healthy and long-lasting r... Continue reading

A narcissistic relationship is something that you have to always keep your eye out for, as it can be life-altering in negative ways. This is because before you know it, you can get trapped into one without even realizing it. Once you recognize it, it... Continue reading

Do you ever have a sense or feeling that you are being followed or watched? Nowadays, with so many online forums and instant access to one another's social media accounts, it easier than ever for people to follow us and spy on our lives without our k... Continue reading

Hi, I'm Psychic Mystical at extension 1528. I know that many of you have questions regarding your love life. I consider myself a vessel that is open to receive messages from Spirit guides. I am also an energy healer and can tap into your energetic vi... Continue reading

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