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Is There A Difference Giving A Psychic Reading For Someone In The LGBTQA+ Community?

Gender and sexuality are a spectrum that can change throughout our lives. There are 52 gender identities as determined by science, and some may see themselves outside of gender or between genders, which is equally valid. Those who find themselves between genders or sexual orientations may face even more emotional, social, and familiar difficulties than others as they try and process their feelings and thoughts. Loving others who are different from themselves isn't always easy, but it helps to be open-minded and be willing to accept that love is transcendent and requires growth and compassion. After all, we all choose our life path before birth.

As anyone who is in the LGBTQA+ online community will tell you, it is difficult to find solid dating advice or accurate tarot card reading sessions focusing on relevant issues even from the psychic community and could be hesitant to call for a psychic phone reading or chat. The types of psychic readings and services online are varied, but finding the right psychic is vital for an authentic chat or phone psychic reading services. Many customers may find it challenging to get in touch with a wide range of psychics offering tarot readings online for free, but free doesn't always equate to the best advice or the best psychic. Users need to understand their value and find the best psychic to help them process their emotions and any of the psychics on online psychic reading sites.

The issues and challenges LGBTQA+ people face can be lifelong, and people outside of this community may struggle to understand what it's like daily. Even the best psychics need to really take the time to learn about those who may love differently from them, as that is a unique and blessed part of our journey towards unconditional and Universal love. It isn't just about giving the best tarot card reading session, but about being able to tune in and get in touch with the customers who need their services. Not all online psychic reading sites cater to the LGBTQA+ community, but MeetYourPsychic was designed by its founders. Read our customer reviews and see how many satisfied users have booked with us over the years.

Culturally, some terms are only reserved for people of specific cultures, such as Two-Spirited, which many who offer psychic services or tarot card readings may not know or understand. There are also complexities within racial issues within each ethnicity within the LGBTQA+ community that may be hard for someone outside of it to grasp and fully comprehend. Experienced psychics need to pick up on these nuances and handle them with care and respect when the customers come for tarot readings or any type of psychic readings. Deeply listening rather than lecturing anyone in these communities is key to their peace of mind and helps them process through their thoughts and feelings to give them quality psychic reading services from any of the psychic reading sites.

Psychic readers online who wish to work with a variety of people really need to do the work beforehand and understand the complex lives of anyone within the spectrum of LGBTQA+ and all its colors. The critical thing to remember is we all choose our lives before entering this one, and we must accept that LGBTQA+ is a part of that choice. It is a rich rainbow filled with diversity, transformation, and sometimes traumatic experiences. Those online psychic reading sites that offer psychic services and readings to users within the rainbow need to be in tune with spiritual advice and a wide range of services these clients require so they can get in touch with the best psychic for them online. 

Listen and Be Prepared to Learn 

Psychic readers need to offer unbiased guidance to people and be more than willing to listen rather than coach them through their problems. Many times in their lives, they will have felt unseen and unheard by friends and family. Because of this, it is vital that any psychic who is reading with someone in the LGBTQA+ community really deeply listen and try and understand the person they are in a psychic reading service or tarot reading online with, even if it is beyond their own personal knowledge. This means placing their ego aside and any preconceptions about who their client is and who they want to become.

Many real online psychics who wish to offer their clients spiritual guidance will have done their personal growth and researched various gender identities and the spectrum of sexuality. A psychic who is not privy to the challenges within these communities face daily may misinterpret images and information they are receiving and may actually project their own biases and preconceptions of what it may be like to be them. Learning to be the student rather than the teacher is crucial to giving anyone in the LGBTQA+ an accurate and ethical online psychic reading session. The users of MeetYourPsychic come to this online psychic reading site to get a psychic reading that will positively affect them and enhance their health and wellbeing.

The willingness to learn and grow is key to a psychic's journey. Any psychic who is unwilling to learn about the lives of others outside of their circle of family and friends is limited to what they can offer clients. Clients, especially those who are LGBTQA+, need experienced psychics that can provide services such as a tarot card reading who are well-rounded and well-versed in various aspects of lifestyles and cultures. If the psychic is approaching with an identity they are not familiar with from experience. Then they must, by all means, be open and nonjudgmental to allow their client to process everything. Coming from a place of love and acceptance is always the best option, as anyone being in the LGBQTA+ community says that it is our soul's choice to come into this life before our incarceration in this physical world.

Being Open  

Psychics must not label their clients no matter how they identify. Let them identify themselves to you and not the other way around. An online psychic should never assume anything about a person's identity until speaking with them and listening to them. Many people don't even like labels, to begin with, so using them should come from the person you are reading with and not the psychic reader. To do so would be biased.

Being free from judgment is not an easy place for anyone to get to when it comes to working with others on any level. We all come from different backgrounds and bring with us different biases based on life experiences. An ethical psychic learns these biases and works on them throughout their lives to remove them; however, sometimes, they are caught off guard. If they have a deep relationship with their spirit guides and angel guides, they will receive the guidance they need to be professional, caring and offer their client the best psychic reading they've ever had. Psychics aren't here to judge, especially during a tarot card reading session. They are here to help people with their life purpose, even if that purpose is one they can't understand.

Openness in an online psychic reading service for LGBTQA+ means setting your definitions aside and allowing the Universe to tell you what the person needs. In online readings with people who maintain traditional relationships, we often make assumptions about their needs and desires. The needs of the LGBTQA+ community are wide and varied. They are not a monolithic group and should not be treated as such during any kind of tarot card reading or psychic service.

Being a psychic means realizing that even when you receive information, you don't know the whole story and may never know it. Real online psychics learn to be in the moment and be present with you during your times of need and let go of their ego. They allow themselves to be a conduit for guides and ancestors who you require assistance from at the moment. Many customers appreciate our ability to help them with our wide range of psychic services, and types of psychic readings online include tarot cards and oracle cards.

Acting as a Conduit 

Setting aside your ego and acting as a conduit is actually one of the best ways for psychics to offer psychic readings to clients. In this way, they let go of their own filtered bias and allow Spirit to work through them for the client's benefit and process the information in their way and time. Acting as a conduit can also be a relief as the psychic isn't mentally trying to solve cryptic messages, but is allowing the work to be done for them. Psychic readings like this tend to be the most beneficial for both parties and feel very intense, yet emotionally freeing.

Some of the best psychics who work with members of the LGBTQA+ community are channelers. This is because they are best at receiving information without filtering it through their own life experiences. They are used to getting psychic insights that seem foreign and out of context for them, so they will just relay what is being presented to them in a nonjudgmental way. Tarot readers may be nuanced in distinguishing these energies and acting as a conduit, primarily when using nontraditional tarot cards.

Psychics that aren't familiar or experienced with channeling should, however, take note of this practice and lean into it when working with spirit guides and angel guides when providing psychic readings for those who are in the LGBTQ+ community. It allows them to remove their own bias and give them the online psychic reading they deserve.

It is tough for some to see and acknowledge their own biases. It takes honest self-reflection and the willingness to transform yourself and your beliefs from the inside out and become a better human being. Psychics who engage in inner work offer the best psychic guidance and advice through a tarot reading session. In the end, this is what raising your vibration is all about: learning to love others outside of yourself.

Love is Love 

Universal love is at the core of our spiritual being, and this includes anyone in the LGBTQA+ community. Taking the step to embrace and process this concept allows an online psychic to raise their vibration and connect with others on a deeper level. People in this community need psychics that understand them and accept them for who they are and not who others want them to be.

Love exists in a number of forms, but the most important we all need to learn is self-love. Psychics need to come from a place of compassion when speaking to others with different life experiences and set their own biases aside during a reading session. Love can be platonic, romantic, sexual, and familiar. It can be a combination of those things. It can also be obsessive and unhealthy. All love helps us grow, learn, evolve, and learn how to love for everyone's best life.

Some people come into this world with the sole purpose of teaching how to love. Psychics definitely can be one of those people as they help us see how to love ourselves better and how to lean into our better selves to achieve the life we so richly deserve. Many say that people who are in the LGBTQA+ community serve this purpose, but that is short-sighted. They exist because they have always existed and are a natural part of our humanity. They are not here to teach us anything. They are here just to be who they are.

We need to learn how to love ourselves unconditionally as much as we need to feel that unconditional love for others. Part of this soul journey is to help us understand that love is love and accept what we cannot and should not change. Psychics learn this as they tap into the Universal energy and feel all the beautiful shades and variations. There is no right or wrong way to love, but you need to find the right path for you, and it is in alignment with who you are. Learning how to embrace the energies in the rainbow will help everyone be more loving towards each other and themselves.

Types of Energies 

Masculine and Feminine Energy 

The most well-known energies are, of course, masculine and feminine energies. These energies are also known as the yin and yang energies. Men will most likely want to identify with masculine energy, and women will most likely identify with feminine energy. Still, the truth is that these energies are within everyone, and they ebb and flow just like the waves upon the shore.

Cis-heteronormative will tend to only relate to the energy that defines their gender without realizing there is a balance. Or perhaps, even pondering that their energies are not what society has traditionally told them what they are. They may be something different, and a great psychic will sense this.

A great psychic will also be careful because some people aren't ready to face their true identity. They may be in denial, masking from themselves, even if they embrace romantic or complex relationships with people of the same sex. Not all of us are ready to welcome our inner truth when we speak to a psychic, but they can shine a light that will help us reflect later on when we are ready, and that is more than needed.

To be more precise, masculine energy can be present in both men and women. It doesn't have to be related to gender or sexuality, and it can also be related to both. The same can be said with feminine energy as well. However, there is generally a balance between these energies, and when we are out of sync with them, these energies can wreak havoc on our lives. Being out of sync can mean just being out of balance with how we use these energies. It can also indicate when we repress or deny these energies for various reasons.

Some people genuinely balance masculine and feminine energies as part of their sexuality. Bisexuals need psychics who can see the balancing of these energies and treat them with acceptance and compassion. These individuals may struggle more with identity as they may feel a need to place an exact label on their sexuality when there may not be one. They may need to float in-between relationships with both men and women for various reasons and be able to speak openly about their relationships with a psychic reader who can read them free from judgment or bias.

Transgender people, especially when they are on their journey of self-discovery, may have a complex mixture of enmeshment of these energies. This may be entirely related to their inner confusion and lack of acceptance from the outside world. Once these issues are addressed and confronted, these energies usually balance to where their soul identifies within the end. An authentic psychic will sense this and handle the conversation with compassion and care.

Did you know that the Kings and Queens in Tarot don't represent men or women, but actually the masculine and feminine energies present? This is sometimes a rookie mistake that many new and inexperienced tarot readers don't understand fully. If you get the Temperance card or the Fool in a tarot reading, it can represent nonbinary energy. Death and the Chariot can also sometimes mean genderfluid energy. More experienced tarot readers seek out decks that specialize more in these energies, such as the Fifth Tarot or the Tarot of Many Doors

Nonbinary and Genderfluid Energy 

Gender is a social construct and not a biological one, and some people, when they are growing up, instantly feel like they are either bouncing between genders or feel no affiliation to either gender. People with this energy may use pronouns such as they/them to identify themselves. Nonbinary and genderfluid people have always existed, but certain cultures tend to repress them out of fear or hatred.

When a psychic reads these energies, they may not know what they see or feel at first. It takes experience to understand that the world isn't binary. It's much more rich and complex than we can ever imagine. Think of it as how television has evolved over time. We used to only see shows in black and white. It eventually came in color, and that color has become crisper and more evident over time. We need to move out of the 1950s mentality and into the 21st century.

For nonbinary people, they may not have any distinctive masculine or feminine energy. It may come off as blended or something the psychic can't describe from their own experience. But, that is precisely it sometimes. It may be completely different from their own purview. This is why it is best for the psychic reader to rely on spirit guides and the client's ancestors to provide insights and information for these non-physical beings to understand them the best.

Nonbinary people can also be trans or gay or queer or even asexual as their gender isn't related to their sexuality. They can even be heterosexual and nonbinary. Balancing these energies for these people can be complicated, but it can be done. Any experienced tarot card reader can distinguish these energies from others and give an accurate online psychic reading.

Genderfluid people may also identify as they/them or as he/they or she/they. They may identify more with one gender for a while and then toggle to the opposite. Sometimes, they may even identify as nonbinary. For them, they are open to the flow of the Universe and shift when they feel their energies shifting. When psychics read these people, they may get vibrant bursts of both masculine or feminine energy during the conversation. Genderfluid people can be the most dynamic energy for a psychic to read of all people due to their fluidity.

Asexual to Pansexual Energy 

Asexuality to pansexuality is a broad spectrum, which may shift throughout someone's life. When a person is asexual, they may not feel any sexual or romantic feelings towards another person regardless of gender or sexual identity. Pansexuals, on the other hand, are on the opposite of that, meaning that they may have both sexual and romantic feelings towards anyone regardless of gender or sexual identity. Often, these individuals in either category will experience spectrums of attraction throughout their lives for various reasons. For inexperienced psychics, this energy may be confusing to read and understand.

People who identify as asexual (or aces) are also within a spectrum themselves as there are various types of asexuality, and no one size fits all of them. Some may even be demisexual, which means that they can have sexual or romantic feelings towards others, but only during certain circumstances. Some asexuals may fall in love with people but may never want to experience sex, making a potential partner confused or feel rejected. It's also important to understand that people within the spectrum of asexuality to demisexuality are most likely to experience partner abuse and sexual assault, which may complicate their self-awareness of who they are.

Because our society is so focused on sex rather than the spectrum of sexuality, these people are often not seen as normal. Sometimes, their lack of attraction to others sexually is seen as deviance when it is just their valid and inner true self they are expressing. Asexuals have experienced so much discrimination that they may call themselves graysexual or allosexual instead to remove any negativity attached to the term and be more specific. Even in the LGBTQ community, the A+ is often left out. Many of those on this spectrum may not even know that is what they are, so learning to tune into these energies currently and with compassion will help a psychic reader give better insights and not pass judgment on what is going on with them.

However, pansexuals may also experience discrimination and lack of understanding from other people as seeing them as overly sexual. Pansexuals are sometimes more free to enter open and polyamorous, and nontraditional relationships as they are entirely available to the spectrum of sexuality and gender identity. They have nothing holding them back and become attracted to the person they see before them. Pansexual energy could and should be seen as higher vibrational energy as they have the capacity to love others unconditionally truly. However, they must first love and accept themselves as they are, which may prove challenging in a judgmental society.

To make things even more complex, a person can be asexual and pansexual at the same time. Pansexuality isn't just about sex, but about love. You can love people, fall in love with people, and yet feel very little to no sexual attraction to them. This can be very confusing for people who have no concept of this relationship dynamic and how it plays out in the real world.

Complex and nontraditional relationships 

There are a number of types of relationships people in the LGBTQA+ community pursue for various reasons. Many will see a traditional one with only one monogamous partner. Still, others will follow more nontraditional relationships and have open relationships, polyamorous relationships, or ones with heterosexuals of a more complicated nature. In the end, we love who we love and should receive psychic guidance regardless.

Any type of relationship for the LGBTQA+ will come with more challenges than any traditional heterosexual relationship due to various factors. Societal dislike of out-of-the-norm relationships is a significant factor that contributes to discriminatory laws, employment practices, and adoption challenges any of these couples will face. Psychics who read with clients facing these issues need to be able to be in tune with their energy and have some degree of knowledge of these challenges to show genuine compassion and give any kind of emotional support.

Psychic readings aren't just about predictions, but give spiritual guidance and perspective when people can't receive them elsewhere. This is especially true of anyone who is LGBTQA+ as they may not have support from friends or family. They need to feel that they have spiritual support as this chosen life will be a more arduous path than what others have chosen.

Relationships with other people can also be filled with strife and be complicated. Some in the LGBTQA+ community may pursue polyamorous relationships and open relationships for various reasons. Sometimes it may be out of experimentation, finding others like them, and figuring out what fits and what doesn't. Other times it can be incomplete alignment and mental health with who they are on a soul level. We all chose lives before birth, so this is one of the many ways we find ourselves.

Anyone in these types of relationships may experience more relationship issues or even societal backlash on top of their LGBTQA+. Psychics working with anyone in these communities need to come from a place of understanding and unconditional love. They don't need coddling or pity, but genuine compassion and spiritual guidance to help them navigate untraditional paths that rub against the norm. They need deep intuition and sensitivity to enlighten them on how to hold the light within them strongly rather than allow it to be extinguished by others who are unwilling to understand them, know them, and appreciate them for who they are at their deepest core.

Complicated family dynamics also challenge any relationships they have with their partner or partners. Not being able to receive approval from parents or siblings can make for a very stressful situation. For some, planning a wedding can be the most heartbreaking experience due to a lack of family acceptance of their identity. During these times, they need emotional support and spiritual guidance to help them through these situations. They need to understand how people will react, how the event may unfold, and what tools and steps they need to take for the best outcome. Psychics can help do this, especially those sensitive to issues that anyone in the LGBTQA+ faces daily.

Sensitivity and Awareness of Challenges 

Without being bogged down in bias and preconceived notions of what the LGBTQA+ community faces, a psychic must read and be informed about important matters to people in these communities. When psychics take on a spiritual journey themselves of self-love to Universal love, it means they become aware of love in all of its forms, shapes, and sizes.

Being in touch with their spirit guides and Angel guides is crucial to giving an accurate psychic reading, but being in touch with reality is ethical. We must always ground ourselves in what is going on around us and in our world to better understand what problems and obstacles everyone faces. It doesn't matter if it is within our life experience or grasp. Any spiritual person must make it their task to become informed about lifestyles and religious and cultural beliefs different from their own. This is how we help the world evolve.

Here are just a few examples that are specific to LGBTQA+ people:

  • Denial of their true identity
  • Lack of support or acceptance from friends and family
  • Workplace discrimination
  • Body dysphoria
  • Delayed relationship development
  • Becoming a foster parent or adopting children
  • Becoming or being a parent
  • Peer pressure and discrimination to fit in and comply
  • Heightened levels of fear and anxiety due to rejection and hatred from others
  • More likely to become victims of sex crimes and hate crimes
  • Boundary issues
  • Struggling and fighting to be respected as a human being
  • Releasing trauma from conversion therapy
  • Housing discrimination
  • Fear of legal or religious persecution
  • Fear of using a public restroom
  • Feeling invisible

The last one is really at the core. Feeling invisible and like you don't matter as a person is heartbreaking. People in the LGBTQA+ struggle with this issue the most, for we all struggle with it at some point in our lives. Psychics who offer readings to LGBTQA+ people understand this. They know to listen deeply. They learn to see themselves as who they are. They know to be open and accepting. Feeling seen and heard is vital to our mental health and wellbeing. It is how we thrive, and we here at MeetYourPsychic want you to thrive.


The LGBTQA+ community faces challenges that heterosexuals will never face. In order to help work through these issues, they require psychics who are evolved and aware of the challenges they face, the inner struggles they must overcome, and the needs they have for love and approval of who they are. Psychics with higher vibrations and unconditional love can meet these requirements as they intuitively understand that we all choose our paths in life. Some paths are just simply more difficult than others and need more support. 

Are you looking for a psychic who specializes in LGBTQA+ psychic readings? Call us for a recommendation today so you can achieve peace of mind. 

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