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18 Obvious Signs You've Found Your Soulmate

In romantic relationships, we tend to yearn for that perfect soulmate who completes us. However, a genuine soulmate will help you bring balance and harmony to your life. Unlike twin flame energy, soulmates tend to naturally raise each other's vibration with positive energy. This energy doesn't complete us as we are already complete within ourselves, but it allows us to grow and experience feelings of unconditional love and understanding more readily.

If you've found yourself wondering if you have a soulmate, then you should probably look for signs. Whether there are 18 signs or more amazing hints from the Universe, pay attention to another that draws your attention around certain people. Generally speaking, if they come into your life and mind pretty often, chances are they are a soulmate of some kind. Keep in mind that not all soulmate relationships are romantic or sexual. They can be spiritual or purely platonic. 

What is a Soulmate? 

A soulmate is someone who may or may not have been with you in a previous past life who brings out the best in you and you in them. The relationship can be romantic, platonic, familial, or even one of mentorship. Speaking of which, you can also have multiple soulmate relationships and even create a soulmate relationship in your current life by doing soul work and raising your vibration alongside a potential soulmate.

18 Tips You've Found Your Soulmate 

Instant Chemistry 

When the relationship feels instant and amazing, like you've always known each other, then chances are this is a soulmate of some kind. Whether romantic or platonic, the relationship will probably start very intense at first until it balances out to a more steady and viable rhythm. This is because your higher selves may also be delighted in your reunion and where things are headed for each other, and you sense that excitement and energy. They are speaking to each other!

Déjà Vu 

Do you feel like you've met before? Often soul mates will meet each other again and again in every incarnation of their lives to help each other out in various ways. This is why soulmate relationships vary in type.

You can often feel this type of connection when speaking to them and feel a sense of familiarity unlike no other. Conversations may be more natural and at ease than you have with other people. You may even mind yourself speaking to them about your inner truths very suddenly and openly.

Supportive and Nurturing  

Soulmates offer each other balance. This balance comes in the form of emotional support and nurturing feedback and advice. Flaws and insecurities are often treated with love and respect. If you find someone who feels like your rock and feels that you are theirs, this is most likely a soulmate relationship.

Butterflies in the Stomach 

Sometimes our soulmates will make us feel butterflies in our stomachs, but we need to be careful with this sign. This sign can also mean that this person is in a karmic relationship where we are both attracted to heal our inner wounds before moving into our soulmate relationship. And, even more complicated, it could be a karmic relationship that evolves into a soulmate relationship. Speaking of which, our life paths are intertwined and amazing in many ways if you think about it.

If you feel this kind of attraction, ask your guides and higher selves if soul work needs to be completed before moving into a soulmate relationship with this person. If they answer yes, do the work, and you will find the relationship stronger for it. This is how some soulmate relationships manifest themselves.


When a couple or two people are motivated to work together to solve their problems, it's a good sign that this relationship may be a soulmate connection. This amazing dedication to work through issues will show how lovingly and willingly each person brings to a healthy discussion. For romantic soulmate relationships, the ability to be patient is a vital sign of soulmates and being a perfect match for one another. Twin flames of any connection, love or otherwise, will experience the exact opposite intensity even though they are intensely motivated and drawn to each other.

It's Visible to Anyone 

If your friends and family can see how close the two of you are, then it's probably a soulmate connection. The energy and light between you two will be apparent to anyone seeing you together or hearing you talk about each other. Love and respect is a common trait among soul mates, and this type of connection allows each partner to shine their light on others. They can see how each other encourages the other to be a better person.


Soulmates are stronger together than they are apart. The union of these two helps create a wave of positive energy around them that others can sense and feel. This synergy allows them to be more powerful together than they would be separate. However, this doesn't mean that they are less than when they are separated, but they can amplify their light and love when they are united in this current life and together every moment. Synergy is a sign that you are meant to be together.

Divine Timing 

The timing when you meet your soulmate is generally divine. You will go through a series of trials and tribulations to help yourself release any karmic debt before uniting with your soulmate. In fact, you may have already met them, and the timing wasn't right for one of you. If you can sense the timing is right or off by tapping into your intuition, then this person is probably your soulmate.

Attraction Can't Be Ignored 

Let's say you met someone who ignites something in you, but you are already with someone else or busy with focusing on your career or school. Yet, every day in some way, this person keeps coming up in various ways. Maybe it's that they know someone in common with you, or you keep hearing or seeing their name or that you run into them in random places. Or even you don't even like this person due to past trauma, yet they still keep coming into your mind. This may be a sign that both of you are soulmates.

Problem Resolutions 

Often, soul mates will do more than just work together to solve their problems. They will expand that and work on helping others in their lives and their communities. Once they meet a certain momentum and rhythm together, their mission becomes more remarkable than their own unity. If you see couples that work together tackling community issues, then these two are probably soulmates.

Values Are Connected 

If you find someone with similar values which is working on the same goals as you, it could be a soulmate connection. Often, soulmates will come and work on helping better humanity and will do so together in various ways. People who share common values and interests are typically from the same soul group, if not soulmates in of themselves. This is because they will all have a shared interest in a common goal to bring about positive change in the world.

They Evolve & Grow Together 

Soulmates experience soul evolution together. They may be working on different problems or goals, but they will always share their insights and heartaches together to help each other progress. A true soulmate will never hold you back. They will offer you non-judgmental support on anything you wish to accomplish or change in your life.


Do you feel like this person reads your mind sometimes? Soulmates may be so connected that they can intuitively receive information on your wants and needs. They do this not just because they know you so well but because that psychic connection is a soul connection.


With soulmates, dreams can take on a whole new meaning. If you find them in your dreams a lot, there is more than likely a soulmate relationship. Soulmates will often try to communicate with each other in their dreams. This even happens when they have not yet met or aren't together at the moment. Our higher selves will help us connect and soothe and offer advice to each other subconsciously and unconsciously.


A relationship with a healthy sense of play and joy is usually the energy of a soulmate relationship. Soulmates typically have a healthy sense of laughter with each other and enjoy each other's company. Even if they are stoic people in front of others, they will ease up and let go and be vulnerable in front of their soulmates with ease.

Past, Present, Future

If you close your eyes and envision the past version of your soulmate and the future version of them, then you are soulmates. This is especially true if you can envision yourself with them in the future and see your life together. On the soul level, you are always connected, so you shouldn't have difficulty visualizing or sensing what they were like before you meet them and what they will be like in the future. 

Messages From Higher Self and Guides 

Do you often feel that your higher self and spirit guides are trying to contact you, but you're just not understanding what they are trying to convey? It's possible that you may have found your soulmate and aren't paying attention. Meditate and ask for specific signs to let you know you have found your soulmate. You can even work with a psychic to help you tune into those messages as well for more in-depth guidance and clarification.

It Feels Like Home When You With Them 

When you meet someone who makes you feel so at ease that you feel at home with them, they are your soulmates. Soulmates will feel at ease with each other at any physical location. They tend to center on one another and give each other strength. A person who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in any surroundings or situation has soulmate energy around them.

​Can't Imagine Life Without Them 

If you close your eyes and try to imagine life without this person in your life, and it breaks your heart, then this is a soulmate. Soulmates need to be together and love being together. When they are in each other's company, they are at peace and happy with everything in their lives. There is balance.

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