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Are you feeling lost? Unsure of your path? The process of discovering the “real you” can be a difficult and life-altering experience. Uncover your truth and fulfill your destiny with the helpful advice from our most popular psychic advisors.

Bright Greetings Dear Ones, Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a joy to connect with each of you! Thank you for choosing to join Meet Your Psychic and for sharing this time. I want to share with you the energy of the Goddess Sophia. Known... Continue reading

Many of us are still wondering about the purpose of the year 2020 as it brought us much hardship and learning lessons. For most of us, it gave us the opportunity to pause and reflect. For others, it forced an unbelievable amount of strength and perse... Continue reading

These unprecedented times may have left some of us wondering about our next steps. For others, it has unleashed a desire for a deeper level of fulfillment. As some find themselves with more time on their hands, the need for fulfillment has grown from... Continue reading

It was back in 2018. I had just begun my apprenticeship at a local shop, working under an eccentric psychic medium, and spending my days happily sorting the gemstones. During the time of this story, the aforementioned medium had just taken a leave an... Continue reading

Angels will often send us messages throughout our days and nights. Sometimes we pick up on these clues. Other times, we miss them and remember them in hindsight. Spend your time as much as you can being present and open to receiving guidance. Life is... Continue reading

ONEMore times than not, the client is drawn to an advisor by synchronicity. Synchronicity is another word for "meaningful circumstances." The universe brings things together if we allow it to and if we go with our personal gut feeling. The spiritual ... Continue reading

FIRST SIGN If synchronicities are leading you to me and my abilities, you're meant to speak with me. Maybe you see the word "Hope" many times in a day. Perhaps something I say about myself reminds you of something you wrote in your journal. Maybe my ... Continue reading

I know this seems to be a typical question that you asked yourself daily, but you never seem to ask yourself, do you know what's best for you? Let's start from the beginning at this time in your life we are in a critical time in our lives we are not ... Continue reading

Action-based questions are questions that revolve around the steps you need to take in order to create a specific outcome. These types of questions assist your psychic reader in seeing how particular actions can determine results you are hoping to ma... Continue reading

Psychic mediums know that you don't have to be a professional psychic to receive messages from your spirit guides or angels. Our spirit guides are continually looking out for us and desperately trying to find ways to send us messages of hope and guid... Continue reading

A Spiritual Reading is when a person is ready to receive information that will help them in their own spiritual and personal growth. It is best used with someone you have already established a rapport with and connected with on a spiritual level. The... Continue reading

Why did we create MeetYourPsychic.com? We felt that people were seeking a platform that operated from a space of integrity. Teaching members how to utilize psychics so that they could receive the most accurate and detailed guidance was essential to o... Continue reading

​Bright Greetings to you all!I am excited for our time together in our healing space. A place where you and I can come together in Sacred Space. Welcome to each of you!When you and I hear about Soul Connections, for there are so many that we have t... Continue reading

Spirit has inspired me to share with you about timelines in a reading.You have called in for a reading to see when you will reunite (following a break up or separation), or when you will be romantically aligning with someone that you love.Timelines a... Continue reading

One of the bar-none most frustrating aspects of psychic reading is timeframes. Why? There are several reasons but the main one is that the whole idea of 'time' as a constant goes against the basic principle that a psychic's mind can reach into the fu... Continue reading

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