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Are you feeling lost? Unsure of your path? The process of discovering the “real you” can be a difficult and life-altering experience. Uncover your truth and fulfill your destiny with the helpful advice from our most popular psychic advisors.

Do you find yourself spotting the number 444 everywhere you look? Do you wonder what the significance of that is or if it means anything? It does! The Universe is trying to grab your attention.The number 444 is an Angel blessing of love and protectio... Continue reading

How often have you seen the number 1111 lately?Seeing the same number repeatedly are signs of angel numbers, and all of them have special meaning. An angel number is a sign of communication from your angel guides, spirit guides, and loved ones who ha... Continue reading

If you're looking to find the secret to having a relationship running smoothly, understanding your love number may help you in existing and new relationships.When we seek to find our soulmate, we yearn to connect with someone who fulfills us in every... Continue reading

For many people, having trust in divine timing is a challenge. In order to have absolute faith in the universal rules guiding our life paths and destinies, we need to have confidence in ourselves first. If we don't believe in our potential and worthi... Continue reading

If you've seen the number 777 lately, it's time to embrace the activation of your third eye and start your journey in developing your psychic abilities.In Numerology, 777 is a sign that you are getting divine guidance. This divine guidance is most of... Continue reading

Dating websites like Tinder and Match may seem to think they have everything figured out in the world of dating when it comes to matching you with the perfect person for relationship compatibility. Still, Numerologists have their own tricks up their ... Continue reading

There is power in numbers. Some consider the number 13 to be unlucky. The number 11 is seen as very spiritual and a sign from the angels. Of course, many people even have their own lucky lottery numbers that they swear work for them. Around the world... Continue reading

Have you ever felt like you had lived before? Many of us have experienced deja vu, but did you know that feelings like this can actually be signs of a past life experience? It's one of many signs your soul has lived through previous incarnations on E... Continue reading

Many times when we reach out for psychic readings, we are looking for absolutes in our answers. The problem with that is the world isn't black and white, but varies in complexities. Life is fluid and full of ideas and not set in stone as any real psy... Continue reading

Spirit guides are souls that have reached peak maturity. They help guide you through life, especially difficult or trying times. They plant a thought in your mind, which you interpret with your feelings. This is where your intuition comes in-- that n... Continue reading

Have you ever been curious about your life path based on your soul? All of us have a life path number that explains things that our soul goes through to reach its maturity. It is one of the most critical numbers in the entire numerology chart! Life p... Continue reading

Tarot has been practiced and studied around the world for hundreds of years. The divination tool evolved over time and still grows today as more decks come out. The basics are straightforward, but many people see different possibilities in using taro... Continue reading

What is divine timing? Many clients ask questions like, "When will I get married?", "who will I marry?" amongst many variations of similar questions as well. Divine timing is the belief that everything in your life is happening at the exact right mom... Continue reading

While the gifts of Sages, Saints, and Intuitives are profound Divine tools that can help all who are willing to listen, nothing can substitute for "Right-Mind" living. Right-Mind, despite having obvious negative connotations, has absolutely nothing t... Continue reading

If you are a Life Path 9, then you are the HUMANITARIAN. You offer others insight and generosity and a chance to be a better version of themselves. Your strength and knowledge inspire others to do better.As your life path unfolds, you may find times ... Continue reading

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