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Member Satisfaction Guarantee

Member Satisfaction Guarantee



You have the first 5 minutes of your purchased psychic reading to decide if you are happy with your advisor.

One of the great features about our site is that we do not charge per minute! You are buying a preset block of time with one psychic at a fixed price. There are no extra charges, even if your psychic goes over time a minute or two as they finish their thoughts. However, we do not allow speaking with multiple psychics within one purchase or saving minutes until your next reading. Please remember, you will use your entire session with the same psychic in the same call.

At Meet Your Psychic, we do not guarantee that your psychic's predictions will be accurate or come true. This includes, timelines and success of email, text, astrology charts and distance energy healings.  However, we want you to enjoy your reading. For all phone and chat sessions, we give you the first five minutes of your original order to ask as many questions as you like. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, simply end the reading by disconnecting in less than 5 minutes.

To request to speak with another advisor due to dissatisfaction, you must follow these guidelines.

1. End your phone or chat session in less than five minutes.
2. Call Member Service at 1.877.987.7792 within 24 hours of the purchase to request a reassignment.

If you speak to your advisor for more than 5 minutes or do not call Member Service within 24 hours, your reassignment request shall be denied. You may not claim more than one reassignment per purchase. Generally, the length of the reassignment is based on the block of time purchased, however, no reassignment shall be approved for longer than 15 minutes (regardless of the length of the original purchase). We reserve the right to investigate all issues of dissatisfaction. Only genuine issues (solely determined by MeetYourPsychic), shall be considered for reassignment. Additionally, we do not offer reassignments for members whose account have been closed for any reason. No refunds shall be approved. We reserve the right to deny reassignments.