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3 Psychic Ways to Shift Your Reality

Shifting reality doesn't mean moving to another dimension. It means shifting your perspective, your energy, your vibration. All of existence has varying lenses of beliefs and interpretations. In our day and age, this is becoming vividly clear and maybe causing many people distress.

We often get stuck in a cycle or loop, which will keep us from moving forward and sometimes move us back. Other times we are held back by our guides and higher self so we can be still for a period of time. This stillness can be unsettling for many, especially for those who are action-oriented or don't let sitting with uncertainty for long periods of time.

There are ways we can shift our reality, but it requires action and time on our part. Psychics are very attuned to seeing what methods work best for you as they are connected to the Universe and the flow of everything. Working with psychics who can help you alter your perspective and see reality more clearly is one such way, and they will often use these three methods with you. 

Shadow Work 

When we are working with shadow work, we are working to heal our inner wounds. Inner healing helps us shift our mindset into something brighter and better, but it isn't always easy and may come with ups and downs. The critical thing to remember about shadow work is that we must transform who we are and better our life. It is the first and most essential step you should concentrate on when desiring to shift your reality. Anything that is left unhealed will hold you back from shifting.

Online psychics can help you with shadow work in various ways. They can help heal you with Reiki or energy healing which will help you release blocks. They can offer you insight into the past trauma you are avoiding and how it affects you in your reality. Also, they can serve as channels between you and your guides to help you see things with clarity and give you action steps.


No matter how you practice meditation, it will help you clear your mind and release negative beliefs and patterns. While meditating, you may find answers to questions you have wanted to for a long time. The key is being patient and consistent with your practice to see the results and experience spiritual awakenings.

Many people meditate for years and experience multiple shifts in reality as a result of the practice. Some will even experience alternate realities or shift into an astral projection or lucid dreaming. However, these types of shifts take time, training, and a wise guide to help you through the process.


The method of manifestation (also known as the law of attraction) works best when you are using affirmations and visualization. Vision boards help you focus on what you want your reality to be so you can set that vibration and gradually, or immediately, shift to it. Affirmations are part of the active process in that you are setting the intention and aligning yourself with the vibration of shifting into a new reality. Your new reality may take a while to manifest, but you will do so as long as you are committed to the process and have no karmic debt or lessons holding you back.

Most people want to skip shadow work and meditation and go right to manifestation. However, this practice isn't recommended because you may actually be repeating that loop if you are having issues getting what you want to manifest into being. Manifestation works better when your vibration is higher, your intention is clear, and there are no obstacles in your way. If you're having troubling manifesting, then you may want to focus on shadow work and meditation.


There are many ways to alter your reality, but there is work involved. If you follow the three steps in order you increase your chances of success. 

Are you ready to work with a psychic to shift your reality? Call us and ask for a recommendation for a psychic to help you with the law of attraction today. 

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