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44 Journal Prompts To Help You Release Negativity

Negativity is something we all have to contend with during our life. Our attitude can significantly affect how our life unfolds and who we connect with on a daily basis. Choosing a better perspective can help us cope with challenging times and hardship.

One way to help us cope is through journaling. Journaling helps us get in touch with her thoughts and our higher self. It allows us to see and break patterns and gives us the insights we need to move forward.

Below are 44 journal prompts designed to help you release negativity and any beliefs you have regarding negative thoughts. Use them as you see fit, but they are in a specific order to work with your subconscious mind to make incremental changes in your life and overall thinking.

Describe how much easier your life would be if you learned to release negativity.
What do bad emotions mean to me?
What would happen if I let go of my fears?
How would I live my life without fear and anxiety?
How has anxiety served me in my growth?
What lessons have I learned because of fear?
What lessons have I learned despite fear?
How does worry help me throughout my day?
How has worry affected my ability to sleep and relax?
What can I do to help me worry less?
How do I benefit from worry?
In what ways do I suffer from the need to worry?
How do I benefit from holding on to my anger?
How do I suffer from holding on to my anger?
What coping skills for anger can help me evolve?
Where does my anger go when I release it?
How will anger management help me be a better person?
What's one negative belief I can let go of right now that will improve my health and wellbeing?
How does forgiving help me move forward with my life?
Who do I need to forgive, and why?
How do I transform my lack of forgiveness into more positive energy without forgiving the unforgivable?
Who needs to forgive me, and how do I reconcile with that?
How do I punish myself every day?
What steps can I take to stop punishing myself?
What do I feel guilty for?
How does that guilt help me by holding on to it?
What would happen if I let that guilt go?
How has guilt served me in improving my life?
How does letting go of depression and negativity change the way I live my life?
What would happen if I said no to negativity?
What if I stopped fighting negative thoughts and allowed myself to keep thinking negative thoughts without allowing them to define me?
How will working with my solar plexus chakra help me?
How will working with my heart chakra help me?
How will working with my throat plexus chakra help me?
What will your life be like a year from now?
In what ways has negativity improved my overall life?
How do you expect to step into a mindset of holding less negativity?
In what ways can you shift your perspective?
What challenges are you currently facing?
How do you expect to meet those challenges with gratitude?
What five things can you do to make your life feel better?
How will you integrate those five things into your day?
How do you transform your negative thoughts and feelings into self-awareness and self-love?
Describe how much fuller your life would be if you learned to release negativity.

It is also excellent to bring in deep breathing exercises as you do your prompts as it will allow your energy to flow more efficiently throughout your body and process the emotions that may be coming up for you. Speak with a psychic to help you learn meditation for beginners if you want to broaden your release of things that no longer serve you. 

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