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7 Psychic Ways To Cultivate Feelings of Hope

We've experienced many traumatic events during this year, and it is easy to feel hopeless and lost. It is more critical now to cultivate feelings of hope and resilience to persevere and rise above our challenges. There are steps you can take to uplift yourself, but they do take practice and patience.

Patience is the ability to allow yourself time to grow into what you are resisting to learn. This is why it is also important to practice forgiveness and be kind to yourself. All of this will help in working on the suggested steps below. 


When we become more aware of our surroundings at the moment, we also become more conscious of our place in the Universe. This sense of time placement allows us to center ourselves and see our lives for the whole of what it is and its trajectory. If you can cultivate a sense of mindfulness, you will see your own growth and change and be more present in the daily moments of joy and peacefulness. The more we center, the more we can appreciate what we have in the here and now and the potential of what is to come to better ourselves and our lives.

Surround Yourself with Positive and Supportive People 

Now is the time to re-evaluate friendships and family relationships. Keep ones that are supportive close to you and create healthy boundaries to ones that are less so. If a relationship feels draining, then it probably is not fit for either of you. Sometimes toxicity of a relationship can change over time, so distancing can benefit people by allowing them to grow without ending the relationship altogether. But, be mindful of the time you spend with people who claim to love you. These people will either help you feel more hopeful about your life or less. 

Focus on What You Can Personally Change

With so many complex issues at hand, it is easy to get lost and lose hope in all the work to be done. Step back and ask yourself, what steps can you take as an individual in your community to make the world a better place? When we look at our community and the benefit we bring to it, this perspective will give us the answers we are seeking to move forward. Hope grows or dies within your neighborhood. Think about that growth and what you can change. This mindset shift will help you develop a sense of achievable goals and steps to help you stay positive and productive.

Practice Gratitude 

There is nothing more beneficial to your wellbeing than developing a healthy sense of gratitude. Take stock of your life experience and what you've learned, all the good and bad. Take stock of how you've grown as a person and what you have in your life. When we step back and pause to reflect on our lives daily, we help ourselves process and retrain our thinking. It is easy to get trapped in stagnant, negative thoughts about what's not working and what's wrong with our lives. Shift to think about what has helped you and how to grow from it. Doing this will help you develop creative problem-solving skills, tremendous assets in having hope, and creating change.

Develop Daily Self-Care Rituals

It is crucial right now to develop self-care rituals to help ease your stress and make you feel better about yourself. Make this a priority even if it is only a small shift. A five-minute meditation, a few minutes outside breathing fresh air, a walk around the block, or just taking some time to let go and escape with a novel can give your mind and body the rest it needs to rejuvenate for the next day.

Give Yourself Time to Process and Reflect 

Take time to journal or think through significant life decisions. The less impulsive you choose to be, the happier you will be with the life you are creating. When you feel upset with your life's direction, take a break, and look at all the angles. There are always solutions, but sometimes the best solutions take time and energy to figure out and enact. Allow yourself to work through your feelings and emotional reactions to daily challenges and then put plans in motions that can help you better cope with situations or give you tools to move away from them for good. The best way to develop a sense of hope is seeing where you can enact change and go from there.

Be Open to Change 

Allow yourself to be open to receiving new ideas, new opportunities, new ways of thinking than previously. When we allow ourselves to be flexible, we can create opportunities that may have been close to us before. Take time to learn new skills, read books that challenge you, and be playful. Sitting and playing with your creativity can be one of the best resources you have in cultivating feelings of hope. Art creates change and often inspires hope. Create your sense of hope through your creativity and see where that takes you. You might be surprised how it can help transform your life.

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