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Sun Sign Compatibility   

Harmony, joy, and mutual admiration will be a common shared space for this couple. The Aquarius will likely take the lead in this relationship, as they love to solve problems. While the Libra will adapt to most plans put before them to keep the peace, they rarely will create the plan.

Blue will be the dominant color of the shared home, if they ever do actually move in with each other. Their backyard will be a prominent place of leisure and entertainment and will most likely have a source of water such as a pool or jacuzzi. Within the home, there will be open windows to allow for fresh, flowing air and at night diffusers with essential oils will be running to create a peaceful, sweet smelling environment.

Modality Compatibility  

When challenges arise that require adaptation, the Aquarius will likely drag their feet, until the Libra is able to show them that the only way to solve the issue is an amazing plan of action from the Aquarian's own mind. Once the plan is formulated, they will be able to execute the plan with minimal impact on all people involved. Spending time outdoors in their backyard or patio will help them discuss these issues and put them into action.

Element Compatibility ​ 

Communication is rarely an issue between these two air signs. They will be able to understand and more importantly respect each other's perspectives. Often seeing the bigger picture, they will be able to speak their mind and include everyone in the solution.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

Drawing on the Aquarius' innate ability to be a good judge of character will help this couple to avoid some of the challenges that the Libra would normally experience, as they tend to have a hard time seeing people for who they really are. The blend of the passion from the Aquarian and the forgiving nature of the Libra will ensure that this relationship goes the distance. They will enjoy many spontaneous vacations together and social interactions.

Energetic Challenges​ 

Although this couple will communicate well, there will be times where the Aquarian inadvertently hurts the feelings of the Libra. When this occurs, the Libra will really have to push themselves to speak up about their boundaries and their emotional discomfort, as opposed to shutting down or becoming clingy. Learning how to spend time alone will help create harmony between these two and they should explore activities such as meditation or yoga.

How to Create Astrological Balance ​ 

This relationship has the potential to bring out the best in each partner. They will understand each other well and communicate about most issues with ease and clarity. Although they desire different experiences, the quirky, independent nature of the Aquarius will align well with the forgiving, adaptive nature of the Libra. This relationship has twin flame or soulmate potential.

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