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Sun Sign Compatibility 

These two Sun signs come together in a very people pleasing exchange. Cancer's nurturing energy rubs off in good and bad ways on the superficial Libra who isn't as family-oriented as the Cancer. Values and lifestyle differences will make it highly unlikely they will end up in a romantic relationship.

Friendship could be strong here and lifelong. These two may also work well together in a work environment as they have the tendency to be pleasing to one another in a way that isn't disruptive in the work environment. Because of Libra's tendencies towards superficiality, this is a relationship that will always just be on the surface, at least for the Cancer.

Modality Compatibility  

This combined cardinal energy brings mixed results. There is a push and pull of needing approval on both sides that may or may not be entirely healthy for a romantic relationship or any kind of relationship. Learning how to not take things personally or project their needs and expectations on the other person will help them to get along more smoothly. Because each person is people pleasing, bringing in objects that emit the energy of the other person will help stabilize the relationship.

Element Compatibility ​ 

This Water sign and Air sign flow against the current together. As much as Cancer wants to go with the flow with Libra, Libra is set on not setting healthy enough boundaries for nurturing Cancer. There are rocky waters between them and Cancer may go out of their way to appease them to no avail. The Libra's energy may simply be too stubborn to bend for the Cancer.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

Emotions can be a strength in this relationship, if they are focused on being healthy and honest with one another. Cancer's sympathy combined with Libra's forgiving nature can create a lasting bond. In order to make this work, they will need to be vulnerable with one another and that is not either of their strengths. Sympathy and adaptability to their differences may be their best chance at creating an emotional bond.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

The struggles these two will endure have to do with each other's emotional regulation. Cancer will need to learn to express their feelings instead of internalizing and Libra will need to also express uncomfortable emotions. Overall, these challenges may be too difficult for them to overcome. Learning each other's love language and how to communicate healthily when there is tension may help to some degree.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

These two make great friends, but aren't compatible romantically. One of their biggest challenges will be communication and allowing each other healthy boundaries and space. As friends, they should be able to do this, but this dynamic is rarely compatible for a lifelong romantic partnership.

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