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Carnelian and How to Use it to Repel Energy Vampires

Do you suffer from feelings of anxiety and depression after seeing a specific person? Does their presence fill you with self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness? Are you exhausted and lethargic after dealing with them? Well, you may be dealing with an energy vampire.

It's not uncommon to meet someone like this. You may have a coworker who is like this, so perhaps you steer away from them. They may be your neighbor or the shop clerk at your local grocery store that makes you feel uncomfortable around them. It can be your neighborhood gossip or even a close friend or family member.

What is an Energy Vampire? 

An energy vampire is a person who drains energy from another person or people. They are typically a low vibrational individual who is stuck in a rotating loop of unhealthy patterns. Some of them may be innocent and not realize that they are harming others with their energy. Others are driven by narcissism, melodramatic tendencies, and greed and are very aware of how their behavior affects others.

When interacting with someone you believe may be an energy vampire, it is essential to keep firm boundaries with them on all levels. If you give an inch, they will take a mile, and you will pay for it later. Not only can energy vampires require you to do emotional labor for them, but they can also ask you to do physical labor for them, which stir up feelings of guilt and resentment from you. Establishing firm boundaries with them early on will make them less likely to interact with you overall.

It's important to realize that energy vampires, regardless of their intention, are people too. Please treat them with respect, but it is okay to keep your distance. Sometimes the highest level of compassion you can have for someone is to give them the space to work through their own unhealed trauma and cyclic issues. Eventually, energy vampires run out of people willing to allow them to drain their energy, so they are forced to work on themselves.

Properties of Carnelian

  • motivational stone
  • grounding stone
  • excellent for the heart chakra
  • create balance in mind, body, and soul
  • helps to manifest clarity and peace within
  • promotes confidence
  • encourage positive life changes
  • builds self-trust and intuition
  • increases self-esteem
  • reminds one of their life purpose
  • releases feelings of apathy and negativity
  • provides healing energy, especially physically
  • protects you during a psychic attack and repels unwanted energy

Ways to Use Carnelian Stone to Repel Negativity 

There are many ways to use carnelian to help you deal with energy vampires. Carnelian has a long history of repelling negative energy and has a lot of excellent karma attached to it. The key is having it close to you during your interactions to make it the most effective.

Carnelian Bracelets

A carnelian bracelet is excellent at protecting your aura. Many empaths will wear them with other stone bracelets or in a bracelet with other protective and healing stones. They are also excellent at keeping one grounding and establishing their boundaries with loving energy.

Carnelian Necklace & Carnelian Pi Stone Necklace

Any shape of carnelian in a necklace positively affects the heart chakra. These are excellent choices for those in their friends and family who are an energy vampire and don't want to cut ties with them entirely. The carnelian necklace will help sustain your energy while interacting with them and sending them loving energy back instead of your own. Make sure to cleanse this necklace regularly and set your intentions for the best results.

Carnelian Earrings

If you're the type of person who is HSP, Empath, or clairaudient, you may find carnelian earrings help protect you from absorbing the words energy vampires want you to hear. This even includes those that are low vibrational entities that are also energy vampires but not human. Wear these when you hear a lot of unexplained low frequencies in either ear, as it may prevent a psychic attack or lessen the effect.

Carnelian Crystal Grids

If you work in an office space with an energy vampire, you can protect your environment by setting up a carnelian crystal grid. It doesn't have to be visible, but it should be somewhere you can instantly shift your thoughts when interacting with this person. Chances are, though, that they may avoid you and your desk area with the grid actively present even if they can't see it. They will sense it and stay away.

Carnelian Palm Stone

When used in meditation, a carnelian palm stone can cleanse your aura, rejuvenate you, and help shield you for the rest of your day. Meditating with it, you will find your center and place for compassion for whoever is causing you distress in your life, even if unknowingly. Carnelian palm stones are great at providing you with clarity and motivation to stay positive and uplift your energy.

Advice on Giving Carnelian to Energy Vampires

If you genuinely want to help shift the person's energy that you feel is an energy vampire, you may consider gifting them a carnelian stone. It is best not to tell them why you are giving it to them, but you can talk about its properties overall. When an energy vampire wears or carries with them a carnelian stone, it can help transform their energy, so they are not draining others so that it can be the most gracious gift. However, the trick is that they have to use it.


Carnelian is a beautiful healing stone that can help people gain confidence and dispel negative energy and negative people. Using it regularly can help provide clarity and uplift your spirits on all levels.

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