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Connecting To Your Ancestors with Psychic Coleton

Listening to our intuition and gut feelings can be just as important as getting a formal reading. A psychic reading online can provide a road map and head you in the right direction. But the choices you make on that path can alter or change the course entirely if they are big enough. A great way to ensure we make the best choices for our lives is to connect to our ancestors, spirit guides, and guardian spirits/angels. They will not steer us wrong, as they are just as much a part of us as we are them.

Tapping into this vital spiritual power is not as difficult as many people believe. Particularly in many of the traditions I follow and study, namely Haitian Vodou, Ifa, Santeria, and many of the other Afro-Caribbean Diasporic religions. Promote this connection powerfully and importantly. Most notably, our ancestors are there to guide and uplift us during our lives. Neglecting their assistance and intercession is like disregarding advice from our mother, father, or other family members. As much as we may not like to admit it, usually, they are right and won't steer us wrong.

The most simple and effective method of beginning to work with them is by setting up an ancestor altar. These can be as elaborate as a whole wall or room dedicated to them. But in reality can be nothing more than a small table, or even a corner of a table with a glass of water, candle. The water and candle represent light and clarity as long as these two items are on the altar, your ancestors will provide you with robust, transparent, and loving guidance.

Many people like to decorate their altars with a variety of other things—family pictures, especially of those who have passed on. Personal items or family heirlooms, as well as something the person liked while alive, are a good option as well. For instance, if someone was a smoker in life, you may leave them a pack of cigarettes they liked. If someone enjoyed red beans and rice, you may cook and offer them a bowl. How you care for them, and how large their altar is, is entirely up to you. Most people find incredible help and guidance from the moment they begin working with their ancestors and spirits. They have a strong, tangible, and measurable effect on our lives. They will steer us in the directions best for us, protect us from harm, and clear away troubles we may not even be aware of at the moment.

It is essential to approach them with the same love and relationship we would like any other member of the family. They do not want "worship" with formal rituals and prayers; they want love and a genuine relationship with us. Incorporating this spiritual practice is very simple. With many people changing out the water on their altar daily and making sure some candle is always burning in front of them. You may also make them a cup of coffee in the morning and have a chat before going to work. This is much more appreciated than offering actual "prayers" to them. Though if you come from a heavily Catholic background, you may incorporate praying the rosary or some other devotions with them.

Just as you may leave a Bible on their altar if they were a very religious person in life, beginning and cultivating this relationship with our ancestors can open whole new worlds for us. Mainly if you are inclined to seek spiritual guidance through formal readings, they will assist them in choosing the right psychic reader, ensuring their advice comes through clearly, and making sense of everything you have been told from real psychics.

Don't hesitate to begin forming this relationship immediately. Many people get caught up in thinking they need more instruction from someone better practiced in it. Though this is wise when approaching various deities or higher-level spirits. When approaching the ancestors, they are family, not distant, formal personalities. Just like you could much more easily call your mother on the phone and have a chat with her. Versus trying to get in touch with the President, you can approach your ancestors with nothing more than love, devotion, and desire for their assistance.

Psychic Coleton

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