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Creating a Powerful Psychic Manifestation Board in 10 Easy Steps

In order to manifest what your heart desires, you must claim your desires from the Universe. To attract your desires into your physical reality, you must claim your desires in physical form. As any psychic reader will tell you, one of the most effective ways to manifest is to create a manifestation board. Follow these ten easy steps to attract your desires.

Step One: Take a few minutes in stillness to decide on what you want to focus on for your board.

*Make a list of what you will be focusing on for this manifestation board. If you are having a difficult time deciding on what to focus on for your first board, a reading with a psychic empath can be very helpful.

*You can focus on different areas of your life all at the same time or focus on one area at a time.

*Make sure that you are focusing on areas in your life. You can manifest for yourself, but others in your life are responsible for self-manifesting.

Step Two: Gather all the needed materials.

*Posterboard, corkboard, notebook paper, material, etc. ...you can use any medium that you desire

*Printed pictures, pictures cut from magazines, photographs, etc.

*Detail written words, sentences, paragraphs...these can be handwritten or printed out.

*Markers, paint, color crayons, stickers...You may want to add your own personal art.

Step Three: Write out or print uplifting words that encourage you to be in high-frequency space and integrity.

*These will go into the center of the board.

*Each time you review your manifestation board, say these words out loud first

*If you are having a hard time being specific with your intentions while creating the various parts of the manifestation board, return to your center.

Step Four: Separate the board into different focuses.

*If you are manifesting different areas of your life, you will label the different areas on the board.

*If you are focusing on one area of your life, create subcategories and mark them on the board.

*Some examples are spiritual, family, business, health, abundance, travel, self, physical

*There are no right or wrong categories. Listen to your Spirit and know that you are wise.

*If you are having a tough time deciding on where to focus first, often getting a reading from an online psychic can help bring clarity to the surface.

Step Five: Attach pictures, words, stickers to your board.

*You can glue, use pins, tape, or put artwork directly on the board.

*Communicate in the language of creation.

*Simplicity: A picture of a child eating their vegetable requests from the Universe, a child who eats healthy food.

*Personal: A picture of a person walking on a balance beam can mean balance for one person and can mean uncertainty for another. Make sure to use words and images that speak to your soul.

*Specific: If you desire to bring abundance into your life, use pictures to describe what that abundance will look like to you.

Step Six: Once you complete the manifestation board, hang it in a place where you will see it on a daily basis.

Step Seven: Review the board right before or right after meditating. If you do not have a daily meditation practice, now is a great time to start. Even 1 minute of focused, deep breathing is a meditation practice. Give yourself the regular gift of stillness. You are worth it. You can also review in the same place where you do your own tarot card readings.

Step Eight: Practice surrender and offer gratitude. (This is where many people become stuck. Reaching out to a psychic can be helpful).

*You have asked the Universe for your heart's desires, trust that you deserve what you have requested.

*Make sure that your actions match your requests. For example, if you desire to improve your health, be mindful of your food choices and your activity level.

*Review your board to keep your actions in integrity, but do not obsess over it. Trust the time frame of the Universe.

Step Nine: Update your board as your manifestations become a reality. When you are now enjoying an intention, remove the intention after it is fully integrated, and replace it with a new one.

Step Ten: Give gratitude to the Universe. Your Spirit Guides, Angeles, Ascended Masters work hard in the non-physical realm to assist you in co-creating your reality. Offering gratitude before, during, and after receiving a request is a sure way to be heard by the Universe. If you need further guidance, book a psychic reading today with an online psychic who is experienced with manifestation boards. 

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