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Dreams Where The Phone Doesn't Work

Have you ever had a dream where there was an emergency? There were robbers in your house and you went to call 911, but the phone wasn't working? You call about a medical emergency, you were hung up on or they simply didn't answer? These dreams are quite common. Regardless of the terrifying things that are happening in your dreams, trying to call someone where a phone doesn't work, or you are not answered is a terrifying dream. So what could this mean to you when you have those sorts of dreams?

CONTENT WARNING: This blog may trigger negative feelings, or bring up past traumatic events. If you are in crisis, please reach out to a trusted loved one, or call your local crisis number.

1. You are in crisis in your waking life, and feel no one is helping.

You feel like your life is spiraling out of control. There is something on your mind and no one seems to be understanding you. Maybe you feel as though you have no one to talk to, or if you do talk to someone, they're simply not listening? This dream signifies that your world is falling apart and you need someone to just listen, believe you and be there for you.

2. You've been in an ongoing argument that has not yet been resolved.

Are you and your spouse fighting over finances? All you do is fight but nothing ever gets resolved. You feel as though you're trying to do the right thing, but no one is helping your resolve the issue. Some people complain about being in situations at work where one person wants to do things a harder way, while they have come up with a simple way that is still just as effective, but the other colleague or boss just wont let up. In a nutshell, you may be stuck in a never ending loop, and no one is helping. This dream signifies that you need people to work as a team, and they're not putting in their work.

3. Your family or friends circle is fighting.

You have a whole group of people you love and care about, and they're just bringing each other down all around you! You feel helpless. You want to help them and no one is listening or you just can't help what they're fighting about. You feel like your dynamic is falling apart right before your eyes and there isn't anything you can do about it. Anytime you call, they're complaining about others that you love, and you just want it to stop, but no one can act rationally. You feel useless in this situation and just wish you could scream "ENOUGH!" but things are not going as planned. This dream signifies that your social life is crumbling beneath your feet and you want things to be back to the way they were.

4. Your plans are not working out the way you wished.

You wanted to bring the family on a family trip to Disneyland, you had months of planning both time wise and financially and everything seems to be going as planned. But now your spouse has to work, the kids are sick, and your mom needs someone to help take care of her while dad is away with family. This is irritating to everyone, especially when you put your heart, soul and spend sleepless hours planning just to make everyone else happy, and it all falls apart. This dream signifies that you need help because you are just trying to make everyone happy, including yourself, and you're feeling helpless.

5. A tragic event has happened to you in your past, and things still haven't been resolved.

Perhaps a crime happened in your life a few years ago, and they still don't know who is involved. Another example being you had a horrible relationship, and you feel as though that ex significant lover got away pretty easily. One more being you grew up in an abusive or unloving household, and you're still mad at the people who were supposed to take care of you and love you. You're still not fully healed from this event, and you feel like things could have been different, or there could have been more consequences than what they got. Picking up the phone in your dream and getting no feedback resembles the fact that these people who did harmful things to you or your loved ones has gotten away too easily, and this still pains you.

6. You suffer from anxiety/depression.

While this could fall under the line of #1 on the list, sometimes people with anxiety and depression will manifest feelings uncontrollably, even when nothing appears to be going wrong. When you are anxious, and/or depressed in your everyday life, you process a lot of information during the day, and replay it in your brain at night time. You're constantly worried, and this manifests bad dreams such as this to happen. The phone line being dead represents that you're feeling stuck. 

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