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Sun Sign Compatibility

The free flowing nature of the Gemini Sun sign rides the waves with Cancer. They connect well emotionally and share intuitive insights together as part of their union. There is opportunity for growth and learning here.

If these two decide to live together, their home will be filled with shades of vibrant yellow and nurturing shades of white. The furnishing will be a mix of contemporary styles and antiques, possibly passed down from generation to generation. There will be a sense of welcoming energy throughout the home, for friends and family, as well as visitors.

Modality Compatibility  

With a mixed energy of mutable and cardinal, there is enough stable and dynamic momentum to keep the relationship interesting and moving in the right direction. There is the right amount of energy between these two to accomplish daily tasks and set long term goals, as long as they are flexible. These two will most likely stash away money for spontaneous trips to rejuvenate themselves.

Element Compatibility​ 

This Air sign and Water sign are reminiscent of a gentle rain on a breezy day. It's comforting and you can sense it both intellectually and emotionally. Each becomes a sanctuary to the other and they can lean on each other, when need be. They often enjoy walks together especially during a gentle rainstorm or a cloudy day. Living in an area where rain is frequent is refreshing for them.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

The day dreaming qualities of both signs can make this coupling seem like a fairy tale. Adaptable and emotional, these two can grow into a loyal and loving relationship. They are able to go with the flow rather than be stuck in a routine. These two enjoy being random and versatile, as they know they can depend on each other. Their stability will result from each partner leaning on the other.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

Their biggest weakness is how much they live inside their heads as opposed to reality. In order to connect fully, these two must overcome the need to escape and be more physically grounded with each other. Focusing on physical exercise will help ground them. These activities are best practiced in solitude rather than with each other so they can embody their own energy.

How to Create Astrological Balance ​ 

This is a challenging pairing with possibilities. They aren't the most compatible or the least, but there is enough energy and emotional connection between them to maintain interest in a relationship. There won't be a lot of excitement within the relationship itself. The key is in building and maintaining the physical aspects of the relationship.

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