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Sun Sign Compatibility  

The restlessness of the Gemini doesn't combine well with the chaotic energy of the Pisces. They way each sign adapts ironically conflicts with the other. There is an air of competition and disagreement typically between them.

For some reason, these two aren't really meant to be in each other's life very long. Or, if they are, they are a catalyst for the other one to change. They have enough alike and enough not alike to mirror each other and trigger an emotional reaction. In any kind of a love relationship, these two will be constantly fighting even if it is passive aggressive.

Modality Compatibility  

The type of mutable energy between these two turns out not to be a good thing. They aren't flexible with each other's flexibility and end up creating a rigidness between them. It is an intriguing development between these two typically flexible personalities. One way to work through this energy is to work on a project together where other people are involved.

Element Compatibility​ 

This Air sign and Earth sign tend to cancel each other out. Gemini will be undecided about something and Pisces will be as well, so nothing is decided. Their combination when together tends to counterbalance each other out, but not in a positive way. They are alike in the wrong ways. In actuality, they would require a decisive third party, such as a psychic reader, to give the relationship movement and perspective.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

Gemini's ability to daydream and be open is appreciated deeply by the artistic Pisces, who may even be jealous. These two should be supportive of one another, but often their creative strengths provide an environment for rivalry. If they can lean on their compassion and desire to make the world a better place, they may overcome all their obstacles.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

Commitment issues and overthinking sabotages the Gemini's ability to have a healthy relationship with the emotionally sensitive Pisces. These two can very well bring out the worst in one another. Communication is a huge challenge as it is most likely to be verbally caustic from time to time. Learning how to express their feelings healthily to each other and admit their own weaknesses will be key in creating any kind of balance.

How to Create Astrological Balance ​ 

The combination of these two is best described as frenemies. The ways in which they are alike and different creates a negative energy between them that is often toxic and unsupportive. They could, however, learn from each other about themselves as each seems to act as a mirror to the other one's triggers.

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