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How Many Types of Psychic Readings Are There?

Have you ever wondered how many different types of psychic readings there are?

Readings can offer clients opportunities to see a glimpse of their future, understand themselves better, or even see if, in a past life, they lived in New York or Las Vegas.

One of the best reasons to understand how many different styles of psychic reading there is out there is to discover which one is best for you in your current situation. You may be surprised about what variety and knowledge are out there that you have yet to find.

We've included a brief description of some of the most common types of readings that psychic practitioners offer. 

Tarot Card Readings 

Many psychics offer readings with cards. Whether it's a traditional tarot card deck or an oracle deck variety, psychics can help you understand your past, present, and future with one tarot card reading. Tarot also offers opportunities for psychics to work with you on career, love and relationships, past lives, and life purpose. Many types of psychic readers use tarot readings and their spreads as a way to help focus the energy and strengthen the connection between you and their guides. Tarot cards can also be a way for you to help support and develop your psychic abilities.


 A psychic astrologer can help you understand the role the planets play in your life and your life path. Understanding astrology can also help you determine what career is best for you, who is compatible with your personality, and what challenges you may be facing on the horizon. Many people like to work with psychic astrologers who use tarot cards as well to help them with their relationships.

Aura Readings 

When a psychic taps into the energy of your aura, they begin to understand your current situation and everything that leads you to this point. They will also get a read on how good or bad your boundaries are and what affects your energy levels, and why. The types of psychic readers who offer aura readings also generally work with energy and energy healing.

Spiritual Readings 

If you find yourself needing more spiritual advice, spiritual readings might be best for you. Many psychics can discuss religious and spiritual philosophies with you and any existential crisis you may be experiencing. Psychics who work with Angel Guides or other non-corporeal entities can also enlighten you with wisdom and insights.

Crystal Reading 

To think of a crystal reading as a psychic who uses a crystal ball is a bit of a misnomer. A psychic who uses a crystal or crystals during your readings with them may be using them as the only divination tool they use to strengthen their connection with their guides. Sometimes, if they have mastered Reiki, they may use them to amplify healing or help them block or release negative energy.


At the point when you begin to wonder about your life path and destiny, you may consider working with numerologists. They can help you understand the role that numbers play in your life, especially your birth date and name. When you have these insights, it can help you achieve peace of mind when you understand your mission and place in this world. Numerology can also offer you insights into your personality and how to approach your life lessons with grace and ease.


The art of palmistry is best experienced in person by someone trained on how to read lines and physical features on the palm of your hand. Sometimes referred to as chiromancy or palm reading, this practice can be found in various cultures around the world. There are many different variations in how to read palms, but most techniques focus on the person's future life and character. It is difficult for a palm reader to read someone over the phone or chat, but not impossible.


Readings by a psychic medium are primarily known for contact with a loved one who has crossed over. Mediums also interact with other spiritual realms, angelic realms and become very nuanced in wellness coaching and grief support throughout their experience. One of their soul purposes is to help people deal with uncertainty and mortality.


Channeled readings help you to understand the design of the Universe and Spirit's greater plan for you. They can be very uplifting, enlightening, and encouraging you to raise your vibration by being more of your better self.

Of course, any gifted, real psychic can give you a psychic reading without using tools and using their natural psychic abilities.


There is an abundance of types of psychic readings that are offered by all types of psychic practitioners. Consider which type of psychic reading you are looking for and have your questions ready to be answered.

Are you interested in receiving a psychic reading online today or in the near future? Check out the variety of psychics we have online and book one. 

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