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How to Flow with the Laws of Attraction : Insights from Psychic Shira

Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. If you like the content of my blogs, I encourage you to subscribe, so you do not miss any insights. If you would like to connect for a personalized reading, you can reach me at Extension 1093.

I want to share some new tangents on the Laws of Attraction, insights that have served me well in my life and work. You will meet people wherever you decide to invest your time. If you go to the local bar hoping to meet your soulmate, think about who you are really attracting into your life. (Generally speaking) You are both there to party, drink, and hang out.

If that is what you are looking for, you are in the right place. Rarely in my many years of doing readings have I actually heard of this working out long-term. Mind you, it does happen, but it is the exception rather than the rule.

If you are an athlete hoping to meet another athlete, go to the gym, or join a workout or group associated with your sport. You get the idea. Let your passion for life place you in a positive flow! I am interested in friendships in which we volunteer for local non-profits and collaborate on service projects.

I have found that intelligent, skilled, educated, and empathic individuals gravitate towards this work. I am inspired to do more and be active in my personal growth, which brings essential balance to my life. I also get to spend time with people that choose to live a clean and sober lifestyle as I have elected to do.


1. Know what moves you: Be aware of what inspires you! What are you passionate about?

2. Be aware of your environment: What are you attracting? Do you have people around you that respect you? Care for you? Are they supportive of you?

3. Goals and aspirations: What are your goals? Long term? Short term?

4. Ideals: Knowing your ideals and standing by them has a great deal to do with what you attract. All too often, when you and I are lonely, standards are lowered for what feels like it is attainable. Lowered expectations, if you will. Want to attract your ideal mate with the qualities that you desire? Don't settle! If you are in business, who is your ideal client? Are you willing to earn your living in a way that is in keeping with your core values?

5. Learn to trust your intuition: If your intuition when you meet someone is screaming NO, then listen. Or if the scenario is similar to a situation where you were miserable, STOP. Your body knows before your mind does. This leads to my next point.

6. Mental hygiene practice: Does your mind surge with negative thoughts? Do you find yourself projecting only negative outcomes? Time for a reboot! Erase and replace immediately. Erase the old belief and immediately replace it with energy that serves your growth and the greater good.

7. Diet directs your energy: If you are caught in an unhealthy nutritional pattern, you are not feeding your body. Your body is your foundation. Take care of it with medical checkups, holistic care, supplements, and meditation.

8. Sleep and exercise: If you live a healthy lifestyle, you will attract others that live the same.

9. Dramatic and toxic people: Having these alliances will drain your healthy energy. Often in these friendships/relationships, there is a lack of healthy boundaries, and yes, a plethora of DRAMA! If you are with people that consistently make poor choices, that can rub off on you, even by association. Choose wisely the people that you have around you.

10. The rescuer: You and I have all stepped in to help someone that really seemed to be in trouble and help them out. Then later finding out that they are perpetually in trouble, and that they have found themselves in yet another dire situation, not too far off from the one that you "saved" them from. Stop rescuing! Support and encourage them to make better choices by not buying into the drama. You can pass along a resource to them, but please let them exercise their free will and learn.

11. Set daily goals and have a list of action items: When you have a list of goals and action items, there is a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day when you have to check them off. You realize that you are much more bright and capable than you imagined. What else can you do? Every day you prove to yourself that you can manifest anything in your life when you stick to your goals and core values!

12. Victim syndrome: Stop being a victim! Life does not happen to you. You have made decisions that have lead you here now. When you make better choices and start taking ownership of your life, you begin to grow, thrive, and find yourself back in Divine Flow.

When you implement these steps, you will begin to steer your life in a positive direction, and your laws of attraction will have a remarkable shift UP! I love you, and I believe in you.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Psychic Shira

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