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Sun Sign Compatibility 

Fun, Laugh, Party, Creative: these sign signs will have so much fun together, no matter what they are doing. Dating will be adventurous and full of lively conversations. They may even find themselves extending the date and going out of town. Spontaneity will be the core of what brings them together.

When it comes to living together, these two may live luxurious or live from place to place, traveling and staying in the best places. They may not want to live a traditional lifestyle, but instead embrace more of an impulsive way to live with entertainment being at the core of their decisions.

Modality Compatibility  

This combination is a positive match for productivity and a Leo will help the Sagittarius from losing their center amongst unexpected change. They easily inspire one another and help offer support. Sagittarius' constant optimism helps Leo stay true to their goals and keeps the relationship steady.

Element Compatibility ​ 

Fire loves to match fire. This explosive partnership will run deep and the natural loyalty will create longevity. These two may fight, but will love where it brings them in the big picture. Together, they keep their emotional and intellectual fires warming. Nothing between them ever grows cold.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

Keeping each other on their toes, this partnership will never have a dull moment. They will ooze confidence, as well as passion and creativity. They will live together in the moment and build a life that stems from that. Confidence and strength keeps them together as they grow old together and look back without any regrets. ​

Energetic Challenges ​ 

The Leo will be ready to commit much sooner than the Sagittarius and the bluntness between the two can often cause emotional harm. The Sagittarius' lack of setting deadlines for action will be very challenging for Leo, as patience is not a strong suit. Learning how to argue productively without eviscerating each other will be the long term challenge. Couples counseling or a psychic reading can provide them the tools they need to live a relationship that doesn't become toxic over time.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

This is a partnership that is made to laugh through life. Challenges will arise and hurtful words will be spoken, but healing is always possible if and this is a big "IF" each party will take responsibility for their own words and actions. Both Leos and Sagittarius love to love deeply with passion at the forefront of the relationship. The key to balance is forgiveness and growing a bond filled with unconditional love for each other. ​

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