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Sun Sign Compatibility  

These two Sun signs are known for wanting and bringing harmony into a relationship. Together, this harmony is challenged due to their conflicting values and personalities. They are too alike in some ways and too opposite in others.

If they do end up living together, they will decorate in pastels of pink, blue, and green. It will feel harmonious and welcoming at first, but will soon become superficial and dominated by the Libra's energy as they will be the prime person adding belongings. Pisces will bring in chaotic items that the Libra will not appreciate as they do not match their esthetic.

Modality Compatibility  

The cardinal energy of the Libra conflicts with the mutable energy of the Pisces. In this relationship, Pisces' shifts into being more fixed than adaptable out of fear of mistrust on the Libra's part. Libra would need to lean into more mutable energy to ease tension.

Element Compatibility ​ 

This Air sign and Water sign evaporate over time. It may have excitement in the beginning, but Pisces chaotic intuition energy will perplex the intellectual Libra. These two challenge each other to look deep within and observe how they judge themselves, as well as others. There is an element of growth and conflict here that is not good for a relationship, but can bring them into balance and help them to be better people, if they are open to the lesson.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

The strengths of this relationship are compassion and compromise. Both come into this relationship with shared feelings of empathy and compassion. Libra's willingness to compromise can help maintain stability with the Pisces whose energy may be a little less flexible. They can achieve some harmony by participating in group activities together where the end result is something others will benefit from their action. They may do best volunteering together for the greater good to bring out the best in each other and strengthen their compassion.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

The challenges in this relationship are Libra's communication issues and Pisces' trust issues. They lack the vulnerability between them to create an emotional bond that lasts. Also, poor boundaries from both of them creates toxic energy that is not easily resolved. These two have the ability to create a toxic relationship from the beginning, so they will need to do a lot of separate soul growth in order to make a relationship work well between them, if at all.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

When it comes to a lifelong union for these two, it is not likely. Their strengths and weaknesses do not have any room for growth, but will be at constant odds. The energy between these two is more likely to create a frenemy relationship or a highly competitive romantic relationship at odds with each other's personality. However, there is room for growth here so the balance may be in learning life lessons and soul growth.

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