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Sun Sign Compatibility 

These two Sun signs connect and disconnect on everything. Emotionally, the Pisces is tuned in whereas the Aquarius is all about forward-thinking. As long as they can get on the same page, emotionally and intellectually, there may be something.

Dating will be erratic, but neither of them will mind as it will give them the space they need to process any tension. Venues will be very quirky and fun and they will enjoy each other's company in the beginning. Over time, if they wish to pursue a romantic relationship, they will need to step back and work on being there for each other as friends as that often seems to be the hardest part of the relationship.

Modality Compatibility  

Pisces mutable energy can rub the fixed energy of the Aquarius the wrong way. Although Pisces is adaptable, they will need to let go of themselves in order to fit in the Aquarius' world and mindset. Aquarius will need to dominate this relationship in order to maintain interest. Pisces may or may not lose a part of themselves in the process.

Element Compatibility ​ 

The Water sign and Air sign embody communication issues. Pisces is flowing in the stream while Aquarius literally has their head in the clouds. They see the world differently and go about their daily life in different ways. Connecting intellectually and emotionally will be challenging for each other. Getting involved in playful activities outside of the relationship where they engage with others may help them engage between each other better.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

The strength of this relationship is in eccentricity. Both of these signs are out of the box people, especially Aquarius. Being that they are odd, brings them together in ways that they can't relate with in other people. Accepting each other's own oddness with unconditional love and compassion is key. Pisces will need to teach the Aquarius gently how to be less judgmental and accept others for who they are.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

The biggest challenges will be in having emotional compatibility. Pisces is very sensitive and Aquarius has a tendency to come off as argumentative and detached. Both will need to learn how to understand each other in order for it to work. Learning how to be in each other's shoes for a day would be a healthy exercise to explore as well as counseling, therapy, or speaking with an empathic psychic. These two may need an outside source to help them overcome their issues.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

When these two get together, their future is uncertain. There is a sense of chaos between them, Pisces emotionally and Aquarius intellectually, that they will either result in straightforward communication or complete miscommunication. This is definitely a relationship where much growth can result. Outside interference may come often, but neither of them will seem to care much for it or give in to it.

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