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Sun Sign Compatibility 

The two Sun signs are adaptable and appreciate harmony when it arrives. These two may easily communicate, but what they share may not be what the other one wants to hear, as they share different values. Relationships between these two will have obstacles to overcome.

Friendship, rather than romance, is more likely in the long term for these two individuals in the best case scenario. If these two seek a romantic relationship, it will be unsteady and neither will feel grounded the entire time. They might do best having a short-term relationship that allows them to learn from each other and then move on with their lives.

Modality Compatibility  

Pisces mutable energy is challenging towards the cardinal energy of the Libra. Pisces adaptable nature makes it difficult for the indecisive Libra to feel confident about any decisions so energy becomes stagnant between them. There is little forward momentum going on between them and over time these two will feel static and not going anywhere. They may even find themselves oversharing their difficulties with friends and family and creating more of a divide between each other before ending the relationship.

Element Compatibility ​ 

This Water sign and Air sign have some toxic energy between them. Part of what gets muddy is their inability to communicate in a way that the other understands. Pisces is much too private and not always sharing enough for the good listening Libra. These two will feel resentful towards each other if they don't take care of their personal needs. Nightly walks near water may aid in releasing tensions as well as taking baths together to become closer in more ways than one.

Energetic Strengths​ 

Compassion and forgiveness is at the heart of this union. Pisces' energy can sometimes overwhelm the Libra who is easy to forgive. When Libra adapts and sees Pisces best qualities, then this relationship will persevere through hard times. Spending time with each other enjoying and appreciating the beauty of life will help bring them together. If they share a passion for art or a creative project, they should indulge in this together to help them bond.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

Shallowness and chaotic energy can dismantle this relationship rather quickly. Libra may dominate the Pisces with superficial desires and artificial goals that erase some of Pisces' personality. Ultimately, it's people pleasing that they will both need to learn how to overcome. When they aren't truly honest with themselves or each other, the relationship becomes problematic. Staying away from any tendencies to gossip or to discuss their issues with an outside party need to be stamped out.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

The relationship of these two has a time and a place, but it is difficult to maintain for long periods of time. Both may learn from each other as lovers and friends, but a lifetime commitment would most likely be toxic for both of them and cause them not to grow as people. There is too much indecision from both of them to make progress or be supportive.

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