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Sun Sign Compatibility 

These two Sun signs of the same sign are highly emotional, intuitive, and generous in nature. Pisces are a true friend and when these two can become each other's friend, the relationship flows. However, there is an intensity between these two due to their similarities, strengths, and weaknesses.

A union of Pisces will be one of a spiritual awakening and allow for each other to feel a range of deep emotions. Together, they may broaden their intuition and psychic abilities and expand their consciousness. They are most likely to become artists, meditation practitioners, or practice some form of exercise coaching such as dancing or swimming in tandem.

Modality Compatibility  

Their mutable energy combined tends to cancel each other out. Typically easy with flexibility, these two will rarely make waves together, but can drown in each other's sorrow or sadness, if unchecked. Boundaries will need to be created earlier on and learning how to ground and center by themselves will be key. These two are most likely to share daydreams or nighttime dreams together due to their psychic connection.

Element Compatibility ​ 

These two Water signs are very perceptive of each other's needs, feelings, and emotions. They have a deep understanding of each other like a reflection in the water. They understand the depth. However, these depths know no bounds and can sink each other, if they are not careful. Each will need to learn how to limit their compassion and empathy towards each other and practice self-care.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

The strength of this relationship is that when it works well it is because two old souls have gotten together to enjoy each other's company. This couple has a lifelong potential and may have known each other in past lives. The rhythm and pace with which they ebb and flow with each other will feel effortless. They could go either way on raising a family, but will be content with each other's company.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

When either of these two want to escape reality, it will be a challenge for one or both to remain grounded. When emotions run high as well, it can also be tricky. They will need to trust each other implicitly. Grounding and keeping each other's energy fields separate will be crucial in staying in the present moment. Walking meditation or gardening can help them be more centered.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

This combination of Pisces and Pisces could either be fantasy or a nightmare. They are highly emotional and sensitive to the point where they could either really get each other or get on each other's nerves. Trust will be an issue in this relationship at any level, but especially in the workplace since it will most likely be a superficial connection.

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