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Sun Sign Compatibility  

These two Sun signs are adaptable and full of optimism. The creative energy they share together can do wonders, if motivation allows them to bring their ideas to light. When together they can either inspire each other or have great conflict. It depends on their emotional maturity on how things ultimately play out for them.

Romance between these two may not last long or be healthy. They may have instant synergy, but it soon turns to friction and their friends and family can't seem to figure out why these two want to be with each other. If they end up having children, they will have conflicting parenting styles that may cause their children to become adult-like at an early age.

Modality Compatibility  

The mutable energy of these two have mixed results. It is hard for them to be flexible with each other when they see how their strengths and weaknesses conflict with one another. Pisces will lack more self-confidence when around the confident Sagittarius. Sagittarius will become annoyed by their need to run away and escape when problems arise. Conflicts will be hard to resolve as neither will want to compromise and meet the other one halfway.

Element Compatibility ​ 

This Water sign and Fire sign extinguish each other out with opposing emotional needs. Sagittarius' bold way of speaking often hurts the sensitive Pisces. These two will often fight with Pisces' crying as a result. Pisces will deeply feel hurt about Sagittarius' commitment issues and the Sagittarius will not understand how intimidating they can be. These two will flame out hard with Pisces feeling the brunt of the emotional toil.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

Optimism is the strength of this relationship and if they can hold on to that during any turbulent challenges, they may have a chance. For Pisces, this means they will have to endure much of the negative traits of the Sagittarius in order for optimism to be their stronghold. Since Pisces is adaptable, it will be up to them to be the strength in this relationship as Sagittarius won't be held accountable for much.

Energetic Challenges​ 

Emotionally, these two are toxic for each other. They tend to bring out the worst in each other in the form of lessons, mostly for the Sagittarius as Pisces knows better. Pisces comes off as too needy and overly sensitive whereas Sagittarius is too blunt and not thinking of how their actions can hurt the Pisces. They will need to learn how to have healthy boundaries in order to make it work. This relationship is really meant to help the Sagittarius mature and gain more empathy towards others.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

As romantic partners, these two will face constant challenges as they are incompatible. Their friction may work well in a work environment where egos are left out of the picture and they focus on the bigger picture. This is a karmic relationship that offers opportunities for the Sagittarius. Pisces is offering a lesson in unconditional love so they need to decide how long they want to keep the relationship going.

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