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Ritual for Cleansing a Family Heritage or Family Tree

This powerful ritual will clear the past, present, and future of your family lineage, both by blood and marriage. If the healing from negative attachment has been going on for some time, you may want to do this several times to reinforce it.

Please sit or stand comfortably: (Please allow 20 - 30 minutes for this ritual)

1. Take 3 deep, cleansing breaths, allowing your shoulders to relax.

2. Envision yourself on a wide pathway.

3. If you turn around you see all of your ancestors, if you look where you are standing you see all living family, if you look down the road you see al future generations.

4. Say the following out loud:

I call forth my Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Allies, Spirit, Source, and all that come in love, light, healing, truth, abundance, protection, prosperity, and peace.

I ask that my family tree be cleared past, present, and future

That all hexes, curses, and jinxes be removed

That any places within the family tree or lineage

That make us vulnerable to negativity

Be sealed with the energy of the Archangels

That come in love, light, healing, truth, and protection

I ask that any negativity or vulnerability to negative attachment or attack

On the Astral Plane, in the Psychic Realm, on the Physical Plane, In the underworlds of the Shaman, any etheric cords, all chakras within and without my physical body

Be cleansed of any negativity, pain, sickness

Associated with negative influences

I ask that all future generations of my family to infinity

Be free and clear of any negativity

Or attack

Or hexes, jinxes, and curses.

I call forth healing to the entire family tree from the seed

To the roots

To the trunk




I ask for blessings

Upon all that have been in my family, all that are in my family

Past to present to future

For Wisdom

& abundance in all aspects of our lives.

I claim this healing and clearing

I manifest it NOW.

5. After you have done this, lay down comfortably, and allow yourself the space and time for the healing and clearing to manifest.

Please make sure that you have proper hydration and nutrition following this ritual, for you will be both hungry and thirsty.

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