Sun Sign Compatibility  

Taurus' need for a stable relationship doesn't interest the detached Aquarius who finds change exciting and quirky. These two have different ideals of how the world works and their role within it. If there is attraction at first glance, it may not last long.

These two may do better together as friends and build a relationship first to see how the other one engages with the world. They may do well in an office environment, with other people around, as they do tend to challenge each other. Taurus' attraction to Aquarius may solely be based on curiosity and a desire for better understanding.

Modality Compatibility  

These two fixed signs are fixed in different directions. Where the Taurus is resistant to change, Aquarius is fixed on promoting change. They push and pull against one another. As Taurus craves a stable union, they may not find Aquarius a suitable partner. Attraction may only be fleeting and may actually cause Aquarius some heartbreak.

Element Compatibility ​ 

This Earth sign doesn't connect well with this Air sign in love and romance. Taurus is too grounded while Aquarius is stuck with their head in the clouds. These two can actually learn a lot from each other, if they are open to it. Taurus could learn the benefit of thinking about future possibilities rather than planning it and Aquarius could do the opposite.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

Creativity is what connects and interests these two when they meet and it may be peaceful and idealistic in the beginning. Taurus' need for peace and harmony may gloss over any rough edges from Aquarius and their quirky personality. Curiosity from both sides also spurs the relationship along and may keep it together.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

Quickly, Taurus' possessiveness will irritate the independence of the Aquarius and push them away. Aquarius' seemingly heartless reactions to signs of affection from the Taurus will inevitably wither any budding romance. These two suffer from communication issues and would benefit from a third party perspective in dealing with problems. Friends and family will be combative about this relationship as well and non supportive.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

Any attempt at a romantic relationship between these two signs will be met with much resistance from both signs. This relationship will leave the Taurus wanting more while the Aquarius has already moved on without a care in the world. These two do better as friends or in a business relationship where their differences create a strong dynamic for problem-solving outside of their personal relationship.

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