Sun Sign Compatibility 

These two ambitious signs can create a very secure and abundant lifestyle. Because each of them depends on loyalty to thrive, they rely on each other to help build a strong lifelong foundation. When they meet, the relationship builds over time and slowly becomes long term.

Taurus is cautious when it comes to commitment, but when it meets a Capricorn they are more than likely ready to say yes after a few dates. These two can easily plan a life together including long term goals of owning a house and having a family. Taurus will take the lead in selecting furnishings, but will keep in mind Capricorn's needs for organization and style.

Modality Compatibility  

Even with Taurus' fixed energy and inability to compromise at times, Capricorn has enough dynamic energy to help both of them go with the flow and experience passion in their lives. With these two together, they harness the energy needed to build a family and a career. Balance in lifestyle is easily achieved as these two Earth signs are very pragmatic.

Element Compatibility ​ 

These two Earth signs are grounded in reality and depend on each other for all their needs. Love grows with every day and they tend to show their appreciation to each other with small to large gestures. Vacations are planned in advance to accommodate everyone's needs and desires. These two love to spend time together in the mountains or at a bed and breakfast.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

Taurus' logical way of looking at the world compliments the Capricorn's intelligence. Coming together as a couple, they create a peaceful and lighthearted home together. Laughter is commonplace in their home and although they prefer a private life, they are equipped to entertain large family gatherings and social evenings with friends. They may even have a regular trivia night or game night with people they know, just for fun.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

Taurus may struggle with the Capricorn's inability to understand other people's views especially when they are unforgiving and judgmental towards them. Airing out these issues may help to resolve them, especially if Taurus adds in their observations and perspectives. If needed, they could seek a third party perspective during difficult times.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

This is a very successful pairing with these two when they come together for a love or business partnership, or even both at the same time. These two give each other the stability they need to live a fulfilling and supportive life together and accomplish goals outside of the relationship. Friends and family are supportive of the union and this couple may even be envied by others.

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