Sun Sign Compatibility 

Harmonious and supportive, these two together make a great home and a great life. They are dependable partners who appreciate and value each other as they are very much alike. Attraction grows slowly between them so they are more likely to be friends at first rather than lovers.

Friends and family will be excited when these two finally make a commitment to one another. Their relationship may span many years before taking the plunge as both want to be sure about the commitment and both will want to make sure there is harmony between them. If they decide to become parents, they may have the same parenting style, which could be a blessing and a curse.

Modality Compatibility  

Since Taurus crave and thrive in stability, this union can withstand the tests of time. There may not be a lot of friction between these two so they will look for challenges outside of the relationship in their social and career lives. They may have a lot of energy going for them in the areas of love and support, but may lack the initiative to finish things in a timely manner as both will tend to procrastinate.

Element Compatibility ​ 

Down to Earth is truly divine within this coupling. Two Taurus together are practical and grounded in reality. They will see eye to eye on most issues and have very little fights with each other. Vacations will become more like staycations as they will want to spend more time at home and more of their earned income on making the home a sanctuary. These two may make plans for DIY projects that never really get completed. ​

Energetic Strengths ​ 

The union of these two brings about peace in a world where their lives are ruled by the balance of logic and creativity. They will find their lives are in harmony most of the time and can face any outer obstacles especially from friends and family who may be urging them to have children before they feel they are ready. Because they are both stubborn, they can weather any outside opinion with no problem.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

As stable and secure as these two are together, their biggest challenge will be overcoming each other's stubbornness and tendencies towards laziness. Learning to compromise will be key to their success as a pairing. They may need to outsource some of their home projects that they keep putting off doing so they can focus on each other and the family they are building. Financial issues may be a challenge, if they don't keep track of what they are spending their money on over time.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

When two Taurus come together as a couple, they create a harmonic life together built on living practically and being dependable on each other. As long as they overcome each other's stubbornness, they can have a fulfilling life together. Spending time together in therapy or working with a counselor or intuitive psychic may be the best way to overcome any issues.

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