Sun Sign Compatibility  

Taurus and Virgo come together to create a life built on stability and perfectionism. Both of them can enjoy a loving home environment while communicating to each other's needs well. When these two get together they will start planning their lives from the very beginning.

Taurus will take the lead in the relationship and Virgo will take charge of the home. Their furnishing will reflect a need for organization and order, but also be economical and have sentimental value. If they decide to have children they will have comparable parenting styles and be able to create a safe environment for them.

Modality Compatibility  

Although Taurus' modality is fixed in nature, Virgo is mutable and can be flexible when needed. Taurus is definitely in charge here and Virgo seems to accept this arrangement as long as everything has its place. Putting together their home life will be a rewarding experience for both of them and they may end up doing some DIY projects over the years to complete their perfection.

Element Compatibility ​ 

These two Earth signs keep each other grounded and tend to depend on each other. The desire to build a relationship that is grounded in reality is strong within both of them. They are able to lean on each other and plan for the future using financial management from the Virgo and ambitious life plans from the Taurus. Together they make sure to schedule in time for fun and the occasionally budgeted vacation.  

Energetic Strengths ​ 

The strength in this relationship is the emotional vulnerability these two share in communicating with each other throughout their relationship. Both work hard at creating a harmonious relationship. Each contributes to the household in their own loving, yet methodical way. Extended family members have a keen appreciation for their sense of order and harmony.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

The Virgo's need for perfection may drive the stubborn Taurus crazy from time to time, but their ability to communicate should come up with solutions to any character challenges. Taurus' patience helps to smooth any bumps as they tend to navigate any defining personality quirks. It may be a good idea for them to speak with someone outside of their inner circle, such as a psychic empath, to get perspective every once in a while.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

Probably one of the most compatible of signs, these two have a high chance for a long-term relationship without too much conflict or obstacles to overcome. In order to create balance, each will need to learn to express appreciation and gratitude for what they have and how each contributes to the relationship. Love is strong here, but not always expressed.

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