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The Ages of Love : Wisdom from Psychic Shira

Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a pleasure to connect with you. Thank you for liking, sharing, following, and subscribing.

Each stage of life, each era, brings you a different perspective about what you want romantically in a partner. In your early twenties, looking for a romantic partner that will bring diversity, excitement, and a broad range of experiences in your life.

Moving into your thirties, someone that can be a good perspective wife or husband, have a family with and purchase a home.

If you are finding love in your forties, you are likely to have kids or know that you do not choose to be the parent to a human child, and more than likely have opted for a furbaby (cat, dog, or pets in general). You are looking for a companion to share life's journeys and are not into the drama or irregularity of the romantic partners you were attracted to in your early twenties.

As you approach 50, you are looking for companionship where there is deep regard and respect for you as an individual, and you want there to be minimal baggage (i.e. no crazy exes, drama with grown or growing kids, financial issues). You want someone that is healthy, mature, easy to get along with, and financially stable. You are not looking to be with someone that does not have their act together.

In your fifties, you are looking for someone to engage in life with, but not necessarily be married or in a long-term committed relationship. You like your freedom, but are looking for occasional and meaningful companionship. You are starting to lose some of your friends to heart attack, stroke, or health issues, and are aware of just how precious time has become.

In your sixties, as a woman, you are looking to "shake things up" a bit and to have a companion, that is healthy, loves life as much as you do, loves and gets along with your family and friends, and can blend into your life without a great deal of effort. You have a list of things that you are actively accomplishing, and you find yourself drawn to volunteer and give back actively in your community. You may be involved in a mentorship program, your local charitable organizations, and clubs, or actively engaged in helping with your grandchildren (if you have any).

In your seventies and eighties, you are not looking for love, you may have lost a spouse or romantic partner, and are either very active and engaged with life, or are starting to slow down significantly. You have great-grandchildren, your grown kids are beginning to spend more time with you, and you with them. You are not looking for romantic love, but a best friend or companion. Someone to spend time with and not necessarily living together, having your own separate residences, is much more comfortable at this point than acclimating to sharing a home.

With each age and stage of romance, you are evolving Realize that as you gain in experience, Wisdom, and have an evolving list of goals, that your romantic choices will be remarkably diverse.

As a woman in my early 60's, I am deeply invested in my clients, career, community, family, furkinders, and having a loving and inviting home for friends and family. Time with my kids, animals, and close friends is of the utmost importance.

I am on two Community-wide Board of Directors, volunteer doing reading and learning enrichment with elementary and middle schoolers, and have achieved my doctorate. I have my own meditation space for restoration, peace, grounding, and balance, and space converted lovingly from a man's workshop to the ultimate she shed complete with chocolates. I value my time, and I am respected in my family and community.

My life is where I want it to be and getting better! It is about the love that I have in my life that counts the most. Discover what is important to you and invest your whole self into it.

You will discover enrichment, excitement, love, joy, and gain a great deal of Wisdom along the way.

Thank you for our time together. I love you, and I believe in you.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Psychic Shira

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