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Time for a change! Inspirations from Psychic Shira

Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing. It is a joy connecting with you. If you would like to reach me for a reading, I am at extension #1093.

Have you ever felt that you could not voice being poorly treated? Or worse yet, justified being treated with callous disregard?

S T O P... Right now... You can stop this cycle of being a human doormat.

Let's look at the reasons that you permit this to happen:

1. You feel that they are perhaps older and wiser and know better than you: This does not negate you speaking up for yourself. You must stand your ground!

2. There is a codependent situation: You are financially obligated to them as an employer, or possibly as a romantic partner, or roommate. You can have a reasonable conversation and hold that healthy boundary. It is a muscle that you must learn to exercise!

3. There is a family history of abuse: If you have grown up in an abusive household, you already know that keeping quiet is your best defense. It is time to get help to alleviate the triggers, heal, and live life rather than merely cope.

4. There is a family history of addiction: You may have walked on eggshells, and still do, not wanting to rock the boat. It is time to rise above this and begin to engage with your life on a healthier plane of existence.

5. You have chronic anxiety and fear: This may stem from being in a narcissistic family, being in an abusive home, or having a history of addiction in your family.

6. You are a people pleaser: You want everyone to like you and do not want to stand out. There is a myriad of reasons you justify people treating you with disregard. I have merely scratched the surface as to the possible sources.

Now let us look at solutions. My Guides and Angels are about results, not excuses. Now that you know you are justifying being treated disrespectfully or even abusively, time to exact change!

1. Seek professional assistance: Find an experienced trauma therapist to help you determine the source of the issue.

2. Cultivate a practice of self-love: Joining a meditation or mindfulness group will keep you in the flow of cultivating loving versus user/abuser affiliations.

3. Get out and get moving: When you get outside and exercise, you are stimulating those amazing endorphins in your body!

4. Take care of your body: Regular check-ins with your doctors, dentist, and keeping up with your medical care will help you feel strong. Your wealth is in your health.

5. You are what you eat: Take in good, healthy, and balanced nutrition. A cookie is not a meal! Eat in the lunchroom, have a picnic, or gather around the family dinner table. Eating at your desk at work or in the car is not healthy, and you will find you are hungrier for junk food after you have eaten.

6. Recognize emotional eating: If you grab a cupcake, candy bar, or cookie when you are upset, this is emotional eating. This can wreak havoc on your immune system and blood sugars.

7. Get proper sleep: Go to bed and get up at the same time each day. I know this sounds tedious, but you will create a natural sleep-wake cycle and ensure that you have plenty of energy each day.

8. Learn to say NO: Stop people-pleasing! Your time is valuable, too. If you cannot do it without compromising everything else or are doing so out of obligation, say no. How else will your yes count?

9. Address issues when they happen: If someone has treated you poorly, say something right away and clear up the stressful energy. Be kind, of course! Please do share your feelings, and they may not know that they have hurt you. Now, if they have hurt you and don't seem to care, you have a clear direction to move on having them in your life, or if they are family, choosing not to be close to them.

10. Have a gratitude and forgiveness practice: When you do get hurt, forgive them. Offer gratitude for having been shown their true character, and be even more determined to be a loving person.

11. Walk away from the abuse: If you are in an abusive relationship, seek help. Leaving an abusive relationship might seem like an easy concept, but it is much more complex. There is a psychological component that must be overcome. Work with your therapist to curate a step-by-step plan to exit safely.

This is the day that you can change your life! The fact that you chose to read this article, and all the way through, you are ready for positive change. You can do better, dear ones! This is your call to action.

This is the day you stopped justifying being treated negatively. This is the day YOU took YOUR life back. Thank you for this time together.

Stand strong, have a healthy boundary (even if it feels odd), and know that your life can and will be brilliant.

I love you, and I believe in you.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Psychic Shira 

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