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Tips for Lifting Your Mood and Attracting What You Want In Life: Advice from Psychic Genesis

As a psychic, I read the current energy surrounding a situation or relationship. If I am sensing fear from an individual, I will work with them to move their emotion of fear to a higher emotional state. The reason I recommend this is because panic is the lowest emotion on the vibrational scale.

Emotions are energy and, as you have most likely heard many times, LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE! If you are going about your days in a state of emotional fear, you will attract more things that will instill fear in you.

For example, you are fearful that your partner is going to leave you, and you focus on this daily. Next thing you know, you receive a letter from the IRS stating that they need more information regarding your last tax filing (more fear). So, you have added another magnitude of fear into the mix, and now at work, you begin to hear that they will be cutting hours, and you begin to fear it may affect your position.

Now, let's turn this around because it also works the same for high vibration and positive emotions. In this example, let's say you get a psychic reading from me, and I see that your partner is not going to leave and indeed wants to work things out. I validate the psychic reading by telling you something that I could not possibly know about your situation. You leave the online psychic reading feeling optimistic, positive, and expectant. As you go about your days feeling these higher emotions, you get a check from the IRS with a letter stating that there was an error in your tax return in your favor. Next, at work, you have a meeting with your boss, where he compliments your performance and informs you that you will be on track for the next promotion. So, how do you fix this when you are in a low emotional state? There are many methods to shift your energy to a more positive, higher vibrational state.

As a psychic medium, I like to work with my clients to find what I refer to as "flip-switches" that you have ready when a wave of emotional fear or dread overcomes you.


1. Utilizing a happy memory from the past and completely immersing yourself and senses in that past event is very helpful. For instance, a vacation you took summers ago to the beach: Relive that time in full detail, hearing the surf, feeling the warm sand, smelling the salty air, capture those happy, relaxed feelings. You can stay in this place for as long as you like, but it isn't necessary. It is only necessary to replay the happy memories and feelings for 17 seconds each day. In 17 seconds, you will begin to energetically attract more feelings and events on the same high vibe. The more you do this, the faster you attract higher vibrational, positive activities. It is best to have 2-3 happy memories you have identified and can "flip-switch" to at a moment's notice.

2. Music and dancing are also another way to uplift your emotions when you are feeling troubled or doubtful. So put on your favorite tunes and sing and dance!

3. Walking in nature is yet another way to uplift your mood. Another way to catch yourself from thinking fearfully is to find yourself in the act and say to yourself, "Stop. A failure is no longer an option. I consciously attract success and happiness into my life."

Psychic Genesis

I am a real psychic reader with over 20 years experience. With my clients, I work with them to answer their questions and provide them with the healing they need. In my psychic readings online, I am forward and will act with compassion in giving my insights and guidance. 

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