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Sun Sign Compatibility  

When these two Sun signs come together, they seek meaningful conversations and a passion for a beautiful life. Because they both have the desire for alone time, they will be inherently respectful of each other's boundaries. Passion and commitment will bring them into a long term relationship.

This relationship will most likely start off slow and build from friendship, both being cautious about each other and then loving each other all the more for it. Friends and family will support the relationship and these two will make great parents with the Virgo being the nurturer and the Scorpio being the disciplinarian.

Modality Compatibility 

The mutable energy of the Virgo is healthy for the fixed mindset of the Scorpio. Virgo, however, may find that too much compromise may make them feel unbalanced. Learning how to find their needs elsewhere at times will be key. Virgo would benefit from learning and practicing meditation, as well as Reiki to transmute any negative energy.

Element Compatibility ​ 

This Earth sign and Water sign has challenges and possibilities. Virgo brings it's down-to-earth perspective, while Scorpio offers right brain thinking that Virgo's analytical mind appreciates. These two are highly compatible, but Virgo may have some moments of unhappiness throughout their union.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

These two bring forth a strength in commitment to working out any relationship challenges they may have. Virgo's innate kindness offsets much of Scorpio's negativity, but often at the detriment of Virgo. Virgo will need to develop a thick skin and gain more appreciation for what Scorpio brings into their life. Kindness and determination become strengths over time for this pair.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

Neediness and self-doubt will be issues these two will struggle with. Each other will bring forth unrealistic expectations of each other and Scorpio may not budge as much as Virgo will in their mindset. These two, though highly compatible, will need therapy, counseling, or psychic guidance to bring them into alignment. An outside perspective will help them see each other more clearly and give them tools for healthy communication.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

Virgo may have deep love for the Scorpio, but the Scorpio will dominate this relationship. For the health of the Virgo, they may be better off as friends. They can be highly compatible as a couple, as long as each comes to the relationship with realistic expectations and the commitment to focus on their own personal development. Spending time getting to know themselves prior to jumping into a relationship will serve them both well.

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