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Walking on Eggshells? Time To Have Real Dialogues: Inspirations from Psychic Shira

Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing. I hope that my articles are empowering, encouraging, and enlightening.

In today's topic, we are delving deeply into the energy of walking on eggshells. If you hold onto feelings that need to be expressed or discussed, it may be time to have that tough conversation. However, it is essential to keep things real if you want to live an authentic life.

People can, without the intention, say hurtful things to you or hit personal triggers in your life. It is time to find your courage and to have that challenging dialogue with them. If you do not address it, you may find that solid and unexpected emotions will abruptly infiltrate your life. Better to catch your feelings before you are in a reactionary state.

You, of course, own your feeling and triggers, but that does not make them open season for the people around you! I had a friend that I am on several committees with, but they can be more than a little insensitive. They can always justify their reasons stating that they are themselves and that your feeling should not be hurt by them expressing every single thought.

This week, I finally wrote them a loving letter, stating that the hurtful things they were saying were causing me to back away from the friendship. Trust is being broken. Rather than apologize or consider their selfish attitude of "come when I call you, but I will always be busy," they justified they were having a bad time, were stressed, etcetera... I decided to pull back and keep our affiliation strictly professional. I need to mention here that they have been passive-aggressive in their words and actions for the past year. I refrained from speaking up as we did do non-profit work together. What I have discovered is that I am relieved.

I was relieved that I had the challenging conversation and that I know that they are genuinely for themselves rather than the friendship. The weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The interaction was not nearly as scary as I built it up to be either. If you find that you are the one giving and giving and giving and giving... just to make things work and to avoid issues with someone. That the friendship has become a burden, despite your best and loving efforts, it is time for that dialogue.

Buck up your courage, stop walking on eggshells, and get real! Have an honest conversation with them. You will know clearly and immediately if they are worth investing your time, love, and energy in. Look at who they really are through the alignment of their words and actions. Look at who they really ARE versus who they potentially could be.

You and I all have potential, but are we taking advantage of it, cultivating it, and becoming a quality person. A person that cares beyond the end of their nose. Take off those rose-colored glasses, dear ones! Give yourself an honest snapshot. If you create the space for genuine and loving relationships, they will filter in. You will feel loved and supported in a way that meets your currency and finds yourself in loving reciprocal relationships.

Thank you for this time together. I love you, and I believe in you.

If you want to schedule a reading with me, I am at extension 1093.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Psychic Shira 

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