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What It Says About Yourself When You Handle Family Conflicts

Conflict is often a place of growth. We may spin ourselves in circles trying to avoid it, but conflict is a part of our way of life here on Earth. In order to complete our life purpose, we need to learn how to navigate emotional and spiritual disagreements so we may learn to love each other unconditionally and surrender to acceptance. Family conflict is at the heart of these painful but needful life lessons.

What we learn from family conflict helps us extend those lessons outwards. The more we resist these lessons, the harder we make it for the community we live in and beyond. If you can learn to rise above the conflict and develop solutions and ways to communicate peacefully, you will be the light to lead others out of the darkness in times of despair. 

Ability to Love 

When you step into others' beliefs and hardships, you begin to see the world with fresh eyes. With your family, this task is often harder more challenging. You grow up with them and have bias' towards them for whatever reason. Suppose you can remove yourself from the conflict and struggles you have with a family member and see them as an outsider. In that case, you will expand your ability to love and have compassion for them instead of animosity. This skillset takes time and practice and comes alongside a lot of inner work that you must do beforehand. If you can get to this place and reach this capacity of love, you will be a role model for other family members on how to treat this person and how to treat others like them.


Patience is vital in conflict. Learning to be patient with people shows that you respect their autonomy and ability to learn and integrate life lessons at the right pace for them and not for you. A lot of people have issues with patience, especially with family members. Sometimes this comes out of our ego and ability to overcome things we feel are easy, but it is a lifelong struggle for them. Step into the vibration of patience by learning to set aside your need to control another person's life decision, especially when you don't agree with it. Remember, the ability to be patient will give the other person space to come to light in their way, and they will feel more loved and respected if you do this.


Your ability to demonstrate emotional and social intelligence in family conflicts shows that you have grown into adulthood, both spiritually and emotionally. Standing in this role and allowing others to work with you inside the family dynamic will help them raise your maturity level. A vital aspect of maturity is allowing yourself to ebb and flow with your intelligence levels, as none of us are perfect. Real maturity is accounting for your mistakes and your humanity. Own up to your mistakes as well as your strengths, and you will be teaching everyone you know how to love themselves as well as each other.

Spiritual Growth 

Taking time to allow yourself spiritual growth will impact your family dynamics. People who have done inner work and shadow work to improve their struggles and deficits serve as a light in the darkness, especially within a family dynamic of turmoil and chaos. The key is to not fall into toxic spiritual beliefs and poisonous positivity. Make sure not to punish people for not being at your vibration. Instead, hold your space and allow them to be themselves around you without judgment.


The biggest asset in any family conflict is to lean into the feeling of acceptance. This attitude is not an easy one to achieve, as it requires a lot of personal growth and unconditional love. The first step is accepting yourself on every level, good and bad. This includes the willingness to surrender that some of your faults and weaknesses will always be a challenge, and that is okay. None of us are perfect, so when you embrace yourself for all you are, you are essentially tuning into the vibration of unconditional love and acceptance. Your family members will reduce conflict with you and with others if you can reduce the battle within yourself.

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