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Why Can't All Psychics Connect to All People

One of the questions that we as readers get asked sometimes is "why can't you always connect to a person?" or "Why can some psychics read for me and others cannot?"

This is an interesting question and one that has puzzled me sometimes as well. Over the years I have done a lot of talking with my guides about what causes this. Why is it that sometimes I can tune right into a person and we have a great reading but every once in a while there is someone that I just draw a complete blank on? Why does this happen to every psychic I know, not just to me?

According to the guides there is no 'one size fits all' answer to this question. But here are some of the top reasons that the psychic you are speaking to may not be able to connect with you.

1. When Energies Collide

Most of the time in our daily lives we meet, interact with, and seamlessly psychically connect with many people around us. This happens so fast and so smoothly that we don't even realize it is happening most of the time. Our energies simply reach out and connect with those around us. But for all of us there are those one or two people that we just can't figure out, or sometimes can't STAND to be in the same room with even though they have done nothing to make us dislike them. This is what happens when we meet someone who's energy vibration is significantly different from our own; different to the point of incompatibility in fact. This doesn't mean that the other person is better or worse than us, but it does mean that on a metaphysical level we are not able to understand each other.

Occasionally a psychic and a client will find that they are just such an incompatible pair. This honestly is 'no big deal' as long as the client and the psychic recognize what's going on and speak up honestly about it. Even the most gifted psychic in the world will eventually meet someone who simply has very different energy than they do. The solution is simple; find another reader whose energy is more closely matched, and you will be able to get an excellent reading.

2. There's No Such Thing as Being "Unreadable"

When my guide told me this I kind of raised my eyebrow but here is what he went on to explain. Sometimes I have run across people who tell me that they are simply impossible to read for. The handful of times that I've tried to read for them anyway, I always ran into a wall of blank, blue or white energy; bright, quiet, and completely uninformative.

My guide says that this is what's really going on: if you or someone you know finds that you are absolutely unable to connect with any psychic you try, the odds are that you are very heavily shielded or hidden. This may be something that is done by you, out of fear, or for other reasons. It may also be something that is done by your guides to protect you for some specific purpose. Either way, when you find that no psychic, even those you know to be accurate and gifted, can read you, it means there is significant energy interference. You're not unreadable. You're being hidden from the psychic.

3. The Invisible Client: Not All Shields Are Positive

The shielding that is mentioned above can make it absolutely impossible to get a clear reading from anyone. Occasionally our own guides do this to us, but more often than not, it is a situation of our own making.

When we find that no psychic can read for us we should be asking ourselves a few questions about our motives for getting these readings.

Almost every time that we shield ourselves energy-wise, we are doing it because of fear or out of self-protection (which are not the same thing.). If we are afraid we will hear something we will not like, we may throw up energy walls. If we know for a fact we are going to hear something we don't like, we are almost *certain* to throw up energy walls. If we do this over and over, those walls become thicker and thicker and harder and harder to breakthrough.

On the other hand, if we are very cautious about our energy or have trained in how to shield ourselves psychically, we may be unconsciously "locking" the psychic out.

In either case, the simple solution is to spend some time meditating and asking your guides to help you feel safe and to lead you to the reader who is right for you. You don't have to over-think this process. Your guides will hear and answer by helping you lower your shield and leading you into a session with the right intuition.

4. Attitude Changes Everything: Cynicism vs. Faith

The next, and sadly, the most common reason for a psychic being unable to connect, is the issue of Cynicism vs. Faith. This may be on the part of the client or the part of the psychic, either one.

If a psychic is cynical of their own abilities, they may tend to second guess themselves or try to provide 'logical' justification for what they see. This, more often than not, leads to them making mistakes. Every time that a psychic 'justifies' their way to an answer, they strengthen their own lack-of-faith in their gifts.

This is one of the reasons that ethical companies test their psychics thoroughly. It's not enough to be gifted. You also have to accept your gifts and be willing to have faith in them.

When a client is cynical, however, things take a similar turn. If I doubt that the person I am speaking with is really gifted, then I will approach them with an attitude of mistrust and even sometimes fear or anger. I will find myself asking questions that are intended to 'trick' the psychic into proving that they are not 'real'. (I will also find myself calling these questions "test questions", which they are not.) What happens when I ask these kinds of questions is that my pre-existing belief that the psychic cannot answer them usually is stronger than the signals my reader can pick up from my life. This nearly always leads to an incorrect answer, which strengthens my belief that the psychic is a fake.

Both of these are very negative cycles, and we all go through various stages of them at various times. But when we are in one, either as a reader or a client, we should not be involved with psychic readings right away.

5. Test Questions: Are They Helpful?

According to the guides, asking a test question is very difficult for two reasons. 1. If the test question is asked with the pre-existing belief that the psychic cannot answer, the psychic will probably not be able to answer. (And most of the time, we don't ask our readers test questions unless we have some doubt as to if they are truly able to answer them.)

2.Test questions and trick questions are not the same things. I myself had one person who asked me a question about a person who did not exist.

3. If a reader DOES answer a test question right, we are almost never happy because they have to break through our comfort zone to get the information. This leads to us feeling violated and threatened, even though we can't put our finger on why. (Here is the rest of that story about the person who didn't exist.) When that person asked me about this "person" my guide told me to leave it be and let them be referred to another reader. I ignored him, and I proceeded to barge my way into their energy and get the correct answer. I told them exactly the correct information. "This person doesn't exist. They never existed. You just wanted me to say that they did so you could tell me I was a fake." But instead of the 'wow, you're awesome! Great, let's get on with the reading!" that I was expecting, I got "how did you figure that out? You're right. But how did you figure that out? No one else ever figured that out!" The client was actually ANGRY at me, even though they told me multiple times I was correct.

So what went wrong there? I violated their energy space. That is something that no one likes. And frankly, it wasn't polite or okay of me to do that. And even though I proved to them I was psychic, it did it to validate my own ego, not to help and to heal that person. As a result, I wound up causing them to be angry and probably even less trustworthy of psychic readings than they were before.

This is why the guides do not recommend that you ask test questions. First of all, ethical companies, and I am proud to say that MYP is very high in the standards of ethics, will test their psychics with legitimate test questions. Because the company has no emotional investment in the answers, these questions are much more likely to judge psychic ability rather than create blockages. Don't be afraid to ask the company customer service HOW the psychics are tested; they will be happy to explain the process. Also, it's better to not use a company that does not test the psychics they employ. Even though there are probably real intuitives working there, there are also going to be people who are not gifted, as well as a lack of customer support if someone is not connecting to you. Next, if you feel like you have to test a psychic, that says that something about that psychic's energy doesn't match with yours, and they are probably not the right reader for you anyway. Wait until you find someone that you instinctively trust; that is the reader that will be able to tap into you and help you.

Of course, you can always test a psychic by seeing if the advice they are given to give to you produces positive results in your life! If it does, then you have connected with a gifted reader. If it doesn't then you may not be connecting well and should ask your guides to lead you to someone who's energy matches better with yours. 

In Divine Truth,

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