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World of Confusion : Insights with Psychic Joy

Living in this world of confusion, uncertainty, and not knowing can cause insecurities in your life!

We have to place our needs first. We have to make ourselves feel as though that our lives are not uncertain. We have to feel like we are not fearful of the unknown. We have to take each day as it comes. Dealing with the unknown can help strengthen your ability to handle your insecurities and daily fears in life.

But first, we must motivate ourselves.


F For First

E For Equal

A For Assurance

R For Respect

First, you must respect yourself. Treat yourself equally. Always have self-assurance in who you are. Remember, respect is the highest demand. These are the things needed to conquer your fears each day that God has allowed us to live.

You have the strength. You have the wisdom. It is all inside of you. Remember that!

We must learn to live each day to the fullest because the world we live in has so much uncertainty. We must make the best of each day. The new norm ( during the pandemic) and all the restrictions we are now dealing with daily. We must know that this is not the time for insecurities.

It's time to motivate and conquer that fear. Learn to take a chance and love unconditionally. Let your mind have the opportunity to be free from the fear.

Please remember if God allows you to see another day. Make each day during these crucial times a new day to discover what's needed from yourself to put a smile on your face. We are all here for each other, not just ourselves.

If you feel that you need some assistance, I'll definitely be more than happy to help. Stay Safe and be blessed every day of your life.

Psychic Joy 

Joy is an online psychic at Meet Your Psychic. She is available at extension 1021. 

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