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11 Essential Essential Oils for Psychic Development

Essential oils have many uses, and one of them is to help us develop our psychic abilities. Each oil has unique properties that can help us engage with our Angel Guides and our Spirit Guides and the spiritual realm in general. Some essential oils will also help us ground and feel comfortable.

There are many ways in which to use essential oils for your psychic enrichment. One way is to place a dap of oil on your skin. Depending on the strength of the oil, you can dab directly on the skin or use a carrier such as a jojoba oil or coconut oil to dilute it. Some carrier oils can help give you added health benefits. You can place the diluted oil on your skin in various areas such as your chakras, meridians, or forehead to enhance the experience. Essential oils can also be added to candles for burning or placed in a diffuser to fill your room. Some psychics have found it useful to use them in cleansing their crystals or in spraying and clearing their aura.

Make sure to do your research before blending any oils as some can create toxic fumes when mixed. When in doubt, consult a professional aromatherapist or a real psychic who uses essential oils for their rituals.


Myrrh is one of the angelic fragrances. It is said to have properties they link us with the pathway to our soul. Myrrh gives us grounding, also helps to lift any negative moods we may be feeling in the moment and will encourage us to our spiritual awakening. It is often used with Frankincense.


Sage is considered to be a master herb and is also one of the angelic fragrances. This oil has a positive effect on our inner life force and helps us to connect with our higher selves. It helps us deepen our trances states and opens us up to other realms while protecting and releasing negative energies.


Juniper has a calming effect and is another one of the angelic fragrances. It is used a lot during meditation to encourage beings of light from the spiritual realms into the room. It helps to dispel negative energies and entities, and some psychics will use it in cleansing their crystals.


Sandalwood is said to help us expand our consciousness and help us in joining both the physical and spiritual realms. It can be used in a walking meditation practice as it will enhance the meditative trance state. It also helps us release past trauma and trapped emotions.


Lavender is said to have the vibration of the angels. By using this oil, we are inviting them to come near us and give us comfort. It also allows us to calm ourselves and tune into our intuition. This oil is also great to use for journaling as it offers us support while we process our thoughts and feelings and make connections that help us develop our psychic abilities.


Chamomile is very relaxing and can help relieve depression. It helps to give us comfort and unite us with our higher selves. It is a beautiful healing oil that will help you relax, relieve stress, and help you release energy blockages. It will help you release any fears or worries you may have in your journey to become a psychic.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is a potent essential oil that helps us to awaken the subconscious. It will bring about harmony and will stimulate the angelic realm. Using this oil helps to give us clarity and reveal our purpose as it releases the chattering thoughts of our mind so we may be at peace. It is an excellent oil to use during meditation.


Frankincense is another one of the angelic fragrances. This oil emits powerful vibrations that help to remove evil energies and drives out negative influences from the body and mind. It helps open us up to enlightenment and clears our anxieties. This is a superb oil to use in deepening one's daily spiritual practice as it will uplift you and inspire you.


Rosewood will help you open up your crown chakra. It enhances your clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience abilities. Use it with intention, and it will increase your connection to the spiritual realm.


Cedarwood is another one of the angelic fragrances. It is said to hold the vibration of the spirits of the ancients. It is used to magnify and intensify your meditation practices and is very grounding. It opens up your psychic ability to manifest a powerful trance-like state and clear away any clutter that is keeping your thoughts scattered.


Basil helps with Angel communications. It is said to protect you from evil and is excellent for developing clairvoyance and divination skills. It is said to be popular among psychic mediums to be used during psychic mediumship.

After a while, you will find out which essential oils work best for you. Use your oils while practicing as a tarot card reader and see how it heightens your abilities. Take note of your progress and seek out a consultation with experts who offer online psychic readings so you can affirm you are using the right oils for your spiritual journey. 

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