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11 Essential Must-Haves Before Entering A Healthy Relationship

Have you ever worked on yourself before going out and trying to meet the ideal partner? Sometimes the best gift we can give our future partner is our fully realized self. If we don't take the time to make ourselves our best version of ourselves, then our partner will have to work with us as we do the work ourselves.

Relationships often reveal our strengths and weaknesses, but we can take what we've learned from previous relationships and use that as a stepping stone to improve ourselves in the present. Take a moment to go over your past relationships and see what patterns you can reveal about yourself and what you can improve on with personal development. Doing this can help you enter healthier relationships moving forward and may even help you attract your soulmate! 

Emotional Intelligence 

If we understand how to navigate our own emotions and how to be present at the moment, we will be able to create and maintain relationships with others. This skill takes time and practice but is a fantastic investment for your life fulfillment.


Being able to be vulnerable in your relationships helps to establish trust. It also encourages others to trust you and be vulnerable themselves. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you are emotionally available to the ones you love.

Anger Management 

We all deal with anger, but it takes being able to manage and understand your own anger to maintain a healthy relationship with someone. Get in touch with how anger affects your behavior and decisions. Know how it affects your relationships and has a way to manage its flow without negatively impacting your life.

Shadow Work 

When we work on ourselves and the issues holding us back, we shift our energy into a higher vibration. Work out any residual wounds you have from childhood and past relationships, and you will set yourself up for success in relationships as well as anything else you wish to have in your life.


The ability to be self-aware is a strength that not many people develop over their lifetime. It requires being able to be humble and own your mistakes. Self-awareness is the cornerstone of all personal development, for it is the key to create change in your life and transform it into something better. Bringing self-awareness into a relationship makes you a fantastic partner.


Accepting ourselves for who we are can be a lifelong struggle. It is often liberating but complicated with shadow work and the need for self-awareness. Once we can own who we are in all our strengths and weaknesses, we can truly begin to have healthy relationships with other people.

Conflict Resolution Skills 

Being able to resolve conflict peacefully and effectively is a critical asset in any relationship. These kinds of skills require time, perseverance, and wisdom. You have to lean into heavy listening skills and be able to walk in someone else's shoes to see the other side. Learning your love language as well as your partner's is one step to assist in this process.

Capacity to Love 

Not all of us have the capacity to love, and not all of us love equally. Understanding your ability and the capacity of who you want to have a relationship with can help lay down the foundation for a long-term commitment. Know your limits and the limits of those you love, and you will reduce conflict and harmful interactions.


Empathy is vital in all relationships. If you don't feel you have compassion, it's not too late to work on strengthening that skill. Start with having empathy for yourself and doing shadow work. Working with a Psychic Empath can help you understand any obstacles from feeling fully connected to yourself and others.

Healthy Boundaries 

Making sure your boundaries are safe for everyone is crucial in any healthy relationship. Be kind to yourself and others by being honest with what you can give with your time, emotional labor, and financial assistance. If you bend too far in any direction, it can build a toll over time. Be firm and think with a good heart.

Sense of Purpose 

Once you know your purpose (or have a decent understanding of where you are headed), you can attract the people that are meant for you. Having a real sense of purpose not only builds confidence but allows you to be receptive to opportunities coming your way.

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