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11 Signs of Previous Reincarnations

Have you ever felt like you had lived before? Many of us have experienced deja vu, but did you know that feelings like this can actually be signs of a past life experience? It's one of many signs your soul has lived through previous incarnations on Earth.

The memory of the past can be triggered by current life events or perhaps meeting someone whose soul you knew in a past life. The cosmic energy and mystery of the Universe are tricky, and you may have trouble trying to make sense of everything or even believe in the possibility of reincarnation. The concept of reincarnation might make you feel like your life as the person you currently are is less significant than your memories of possible past lives. Every incarnation of you is crucial, for it is part of what makes you all of your universal being. 

What is Reincarnation? 

The belief in reincarnation has existed in many spiritual and religious beliefs. Reincarnation is the belief that you have lived previously in another body, usually in the past. Current spiritual beliefs have included the possibility of living reincarnated lives from the future as well as simultaneously at the same time. The work of many modern-day hypnotherapists explores these lives, such as the work of Dolores Cannon explored in her books on the Convoluted Universe.

Adoration of Previous Times or Different Cultures 

If you find yourself fascinated by or obsessed with cultures outside of your own and/or with previous times, then it may be a sign that you reincarnated from a past life. Often, when those lives are very happy, or we have unresolved issues from them, they will resurface in our current lives as either a treasured time we wish to relive or a puzzle we need to solve.

When we relish in it as a treasured time, we may be using our past life as a way to escape unpleasantness in our current life. If it is a puzzle to solve, we may have unresolved trauma from this time frame that we are trying to release and move forward. Any type of intense curiosity about previous times or cultures can be clues that you should explore.

Retrocognition or Precognition 

Retrocognition is the ability to see memories or events, and when explored in past lives, it is the transference of those memories from your past life into your current life. This transference usually occurs during birth or during a time of trauma, especially when faced with death or coming back from dying.

Precognition is the ability to see the future, and when connected to reincarnation, it is the memories of a previous life in the future. Evidence of this can also be seen in people who are obsessed with newer technology and trends or with creative works of science fiction. People who have a sense of the future may have lived a previous life in the future or a simultaneous one.

Anxiety or Phobias 

Phobias aren't uncommon in people who have lived many lives previously. Typically, these phobias can result as a part of the trauma of your death in a previous carnation or an illness you suffered in an earlier lifetime. A fear of heights is a common phobia that appears in people who have lived past lives as it is a very traumatic experience that is unreconciled.

Anxiety can also develop if there is a build of previous lifetimes with unresolved karma and trauma. This type of trauma can create issues in your health and wellbeing, and you may feel a sense that the wound doesn't belong to you as it doesn't pertain to your current incarnated life cycle. Working with a psychic healer can help you identify the past injuries and give you insights on how to heal them, so you don't bring them into the next incarnation.


If you are an Empath, you are most likely an old soul who has carried lots of wisdom that was born of trauma and strife. Empaths tend to take their emotional baggage from life to life until they are healed and are often drawn and attracted to others with similar wounds. Karmic relationships like this are an excellent sign of living previously.

However, you may not necessarily be reliving your karmic debts with the same people, but with others with similar debt or a willing old soul willing to help you release it and move forward from it. The life of an Empath is typically one of assisting others to release their karma and learn how to be better people, not necessarily the other way around.

Recurring Dreams and Strong Psychic Abilities 

Dreams aren't just a sign of psychic skills but also memories from previous incarnations. We can sometimes carry these cells into our current life for various reasons. Exploring your dreams can help you understand the patterns of what needs to be known. Sometimes these dreams of the past can help us resolve our current problems with a metaphorical glimpse that is easier for us to understand at the conscious level.

Other times, it can be to impart wisdom or to remind us of knowledge we had previously. Our higher self is most likely assisting in releasing these dreams to you at the time of your needing guidance. When psychics say the answers are within you, this is what they mean.

Using your intuition, you can become more aware of where you may have been before on this Earth or in other worlds as they may be. Tune into your spirit guides or higher self for more answers. Contacting a real psychic for guidance can also be extremely helpful.

Birthmarks or Unusual Physical Anomalies 

Many psychics and hypnotherapists say that your birthmark signifies a previous injury from a past life to that particular part of the body. The wound can represent both physical and emotional wounds, such as a weak heart representing a broken heart or speech problems expressing an inability to be listened to or speak your truth from a past life.

Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces 

As one of these three zodiac signs, you are more likely to remember one or more previous incarnations than other astrological signs.

Cancer often is the first zodiac sign of reincarnation, but we will often live again in those signs as they come full circle. If you are in your first cycle or early cycle, you may not have any sense of deja vu or feel like an old soul, but you will if it is nearing your last incarnation. Old Soul Cancer's are the playful grandparent stereotype or the odd aunt/uncle in the family.

Scorpios are definitely reincarnated spirits which is why they are obsessed with the mysteries of life. They know they are! When they reach their second incarnation as a Scorpio, they are closing their cycle and will tend to come across as wise, moody souls.

Pisces are typically the last in the cycle of incarnation, so they will come across as being filled with paradoxes from all those past lives. They will believe in unconditional love and have a layer of chaos from past traumas. They are most likely drawn to various people who need healing in the same ways they may so experience a lot of pain in their lives.

You Give Off Therapist Vibes or Coach Energy 

People naturally come to you for advice or counsel, no matter what you do or say, especially in difficult situations. It may even feel excruciatingly uncomfortable the amount of TMI (too much information) that people are willing to share with you, especially if they are complete strangers. People will sense your ability to know how to manage life, which is even more true for old souls. The key to dealing with these situations is to ground yourself and act as a conduit for guidance. Your higher self and guides will kick in and help you through the situation.

Feeling from Another Planet 

If you've ever felt like you didn't belong on this planet, it may be because you are from somewhere else. Some people are starseeds or reincarnated souls from other realms or even from the future. This may make you feel like you are out of place and that you don't have a sense of home. Feeling this way can make a soul feel lost here on planet earth, but the only way to deal with this is to find a home within yourself and not outside. You carry all your lives with you into each incarnation. Tap into that energy to help guide you and give you peace instead of having it make you feel like you don't belong here. You absolutely belong here and most likely have missions of service to complete to help others raise their vibration.

You Keep Looking for Your Soul Tribe 

Until you find the others connected to your soul group, you may feel lost or alone. Searching for others who are like you and can relate to you is often a sign of finding your soul connection with others. Sadly, sometimes we choose not to reincarnate around our other soul group members due to possible life lessons and the karmic debt we must learn and release.

When you finally meet a member of your soul group, you will feel an overwhelming sense of home when you are around them or near them. It may feel like an energetic pull that is almost addictive. Be wary of this as there can be past life baggage attached to it. We must stay grounded in our current life, or else we will relive past lessons repeatedly, which may end up causing us harm in the long run.

Exceptional Learning Abilities 

Have you ever picked up a new skill really fast? Do you know of something you are exceptionally good at doing on the first attempt? This is usually past life muscle memory kicking in and taking over.

Many times we will carry our past knowledge with us in one way or another. And the secret is that you can continuously tap into this past knowledge regardless of whether you know it is there or not by meditating and asking for assistance from your spirit guides and higher self. Past life regressions can also help us bring skills from past life experiences into our current life, which may be helpful for us to improve ourselves.

How does this affect me? 

Past incarnations can build up unhealed emotional and psychic trauma. They can manifest physically or emotionally in various ways. The best ways to release these wounds are through shadow work, working with hypnotherapists, or a psychic who knows past lives and the Akashic records.

Karmic debt from past lives can also show up as financial burdens and debt in this life. If you have many economic problems, it could be a sign of unresolved past life issues. Working through these issues and any negative beliefs you may have regarding abundance can be just what you need to get back on the right track.

Are you looking for a psychic reader who can help you explore and heal from past lives? Reach out today to speak with one of our reincarnation experts.​ 

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